hey guys..as everyone knows that u guys simply rocks...i want u guys to make a tour to india...may b u guys dont have idea bt all of us know that your tour to india would be a great success..plz rock india too...love u guys...
ps: guys plz help me by posting here...i wish we will see lp in india soon...

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I'm going to help you a little bit.

"may b u guys dont have idea bt all of us know that "

Yes Linkin Park knows about their fans in India, and there has been 100 of threads like this here at LPN before.
Please use the search engine next time, that would be great :) !
Anyway, Linkin Park sees their marketing going in India, so they know very well that they got millions of fans in India.

If you want Linkin Park in India, you guys have to talk to Linkin Park's tour promoters and to their record label.
Get a bunch of guys together and talk to their label and promoters.
Linkin Park's record label is Warner Bros Records, but they have their own label which is known as Machine Shop Records (But it belongs to WBR, so technically, everything they do belongs to Warner Bros Records).

Alright here's Machine Shop Records official page.
http://www.machineshopmarketing.com/index.php - Try to send them a serious mail. It might wake attention among them :) !

Then, try to call Warner Bros in Mumbai, because India has their own WBR office, and it's in Mumbai :) !
Mike Shinoda said earlier in a LPU chat, that Linkin Park would love to visit their fans countries, but the fans have to contact the promoters and show some interests, that the fans really want LP to play in their country.

If you Indian fans show them enough attention, Linkin Park and their tour promoters will for sure going to play in India during their new album world tour between fall 2010 and summer 2012 I think.
Btw I would really love to help you Indian fans out ! :D Just PM me if you need some more information or help with something.
n sry for creating another thread...i am new here...
I'm from India too, and I'm personally bugged of all the "Please come to India" threads. Never posted any of them, though haha.

can any1 tell the stats of this project ... even i'm eager to make dem come here..

ther are a million fans awaiting for you here.. pleeeeaaaassssseeee do come

hell yeah, i completely agree.u guys also have crazy fans in india too.der are lot of ppl who want u to come to india esp mumbai i mean serously it wud be totally successful!

it would be awesome!





p.s linkin park forever <3 peace \,,/

Linkin Park is not just a band its MORE THAN THAT ;) ♥ Proud to be a LP fan ! \m/





join in

LP please come india.........and it is my dream to see LP performing live...

lp i wanna see you live singing before me

LP make me Rock my sock off ! Come to INDIA, come to MUMBAI!! We waiting....

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