For those who play the game Rock Band, LP has their song One Step Closer on the disc. I for one think more LP songs should be released for the game, but no one has no way of knowing if this will happen. However, there is the Rock Band Network now that allows bands and artists to basically add their music to the game themselves.

So my question to you all, how could I (or we) go about getting this out to LP that me (and a bunch of users on the Rock Band forums) want them in the game terribly?

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i play rock band every days and always keep the hope that one day LP public new songs in rock band network, only we have wait to them.
Probably now that Rock Band 3 is coming out with it's pro mode, LP songs would benefit. If you noticed with One Step Closer (one of the few guitar driven LP songs) the note chart is way easy on Expert and provides no fun while playing. But with the introduction of the piano + pro mode drums and guitar, expect some DLC to definitely come down the pipeline.

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