Hey people :)


I am a simple girl from Ukraine who was waiting for LP show for about 11 years!!! Can you imagine? But LP have never been to Ukraine. I think it is unfair! We have 45 millions of wonderful people in there. I know SO many fans of LP that are dreaming about your show for ages.


I was lucky to have a chance to come to Boston and FINALLY see you live. Oh! It was something!!! But most of your fans in Ukraine do not have such opportunity. 


So here is a deal, if somehow LP see my post and would like to come to Ukraine, I will guarantee at least 1 million fans at your show! So DEAL? :)

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good luck on the process. they might see your post, however, a legitimate list with signatures of at least 50,000 people will need to be collected.  Mike has said this numerous times.  take it easy.
50.000 signatures. Ok. let's see what can I do :)
Hi, Oksana)) you're not alone.There are a lot of fans LP in Ukraine,. I am waiting for this band 10 years :)
I have a plan ;) But I need about 1 month to implement it. Then I will ask all the Ukrainian fans about the help! :)
what is your plan? and how it regards us? what do you need to help?
As soon as I have my plan in real, I will give you a sign :)

Hi Oksana, you so cool.

It's a really grate Idea!!!!

I'm a biggest fan too.

Please tell me how can I help you with this? I really believe in you!!!!!

So I'm sure that you Guys (LP) needs to visit Ukraine. CAU'SE WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

I have a survey to collect votes :) But I am not sure if I can post link to it right here. What do you think?
I think that it's not a good idea, because admin's can BUN us....But i'll sent a question to them.
Oksana has not just great ideas, but also awesome desire to implement!
good platform for future presidential elections. testing program? ;)
I know that Russia collects the votes and they have good results. as well as the guys from LP have never been to Ukraine, the activity should be high, because Ukrainians are very respect the Linkin Park). But I think it will not be allowed to count votes on this site...

також вже 8 років чекаю на концерт лінків в Україні


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