Hey guys, I'm trying to hunt down a download of the full show from the iTunes festival this summer but am having trouble getting the full hour and a half version (which was streamed live on itunes at the time). Is there anyone here who has the full recording without interruptions etc? I'm practically desperate for the full version without interruptions as the videos on youtube that are in parts cut out the sections inbetween some of the songs. Any help in locating the video would be awesome, i've been eager to get it ever since it was streamed live on the night but am gutted that iTunes haven't decided to sell the footage :(


Cheers guys

Thanks in advance!


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To be honest I do not have enough time to google it for you and try to find the best version, but just search for a torrent... i know from a friend that there are videos from the livestream with a good quality uploaded. just look for a torrent (include it in the google search bar as a word) and you will sure find something...

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