As a HUGE Linkin Park fan, one of the things I like to do in my spare time is watch LP live on Youtube :)  I have to say I'm VERY impressed with the work they do; they really show that they don't need computers and autotuning to write good music and sound like they do on the albums.  But that's just my opinion...I want to know what the Linkin Park fans of the world think, so leave comments and let me know what YOU think about their live performances!!! :D

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Hard for me to compare their show to another band's because they are the only live concert I've ever been to.  But seeing as they are by far my favorite band in the world, I don't think it gets any better.  I was seven rows from the front on the floor in Dallas this year and having Chester scream in my face song after song is something I will never forget.  Hands down the greatest night of my life, even over Graduation Day (which was 5 days ago!).  I have the Milton Keyes performance from Palladia TV saved on my DVR and I've watched it three times from start to finish.  I've also watched all of the other televised performances this year (like Madison Square Garden on FUSE TV - 3 times, as well)...even on TV, I get goosebumps at least once while watching, even the second or third time around.  For example, I get chills at the beginning of Faint in this video every time. ENJOY



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