I'm sorry but the new Linkin Park songs are the worst sounding piece of GARBAGE I EVER HEARD! What happen to them? They use to be great but now there music sounds like someone wasted ten seconds to put it together. They should be ashamed of themselves. I truly hope that this album is just a joke and they will release a real album this year. I WOULD NEVER WASTE MY MONEY ON THIS ALBUM!!!!! I wouldn't even take it if someone gave it to me for free. 

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haha nice man. that was a pretty good review. i dont like the album either but you put it in good rsonal opinion.
me to lp rles andsnvkjnnnnnnnsdkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Dex said:
I'm sorry, where did you pull those figures from, your butt?
Because I don't see 97% of people on this forum complaining, I only see about 20%.

Dominique Decourt said:
It's not just the album that sounds terrible, it's the past 2 albums that have steadily gone from slightly bad, to bad, to just plain awful. A lot of people aren't just basing their dislike for the band on one album (because the last 2 sure haven't given anything memorable) , they're saying that this is the album that finally killed it for them. Now if you think it's sounds great then that's your opinion and your entitled to it, but I'm sure 97% of LP fans agree that this album is their worst.
I totally agree,if you heard an album same
like all the others then you would get bored
(even though i miss the screaming and solos)

Joneo said:
are you actually using your ears when you listened to it? Marina said:
you are out of your mind people.. what is wrong with you? yes, the album is really different, yes, it does not sound a lot like past LP, but they're great and the album is great. stop being so lame, GROW UP!!!
Everyone have their own opinion on this and the album is really different,but they done a big work for this album,I think they deserve more respect. It was the first real evolution for LP and they done great job!!!
Hey man there new album is freakin awesome I've listen to it 15 time and I can't get enough of it so don't bag the album or else I don't think your a TRUE Linkin Park fan
Enough with this "True Linkin Park Fan" BS. Some are gonna hate it, some are gonna love it. It all depends on the person. Obviously some fans feel betrayed because Linkin Park no longer meets up to their expectations while the rest welcome the change. I've already stated my opinion earlier on this forum about what I think so I'm not gonna repeat it.

But this link pretty much sums up how I feel :

listenin to mr flowers' latest
so is ats.
the countdown begins now!
10 days to go.
i keep cryin everytime i think about the possibility of seein the boys in the flesh.
i have a ticket and it's the slowest it gets'
9 to go now
dude M2m IS DGIfacucJUST FUCK im drunk
i agree bro
The new albums just plain bad. Everyone likes Hybrid Theory. Go back to that style of music....simple. The modern age music with Lady Gaga and B.O.B is bad.
i agree more than 80% of people like rap music and pop. Although pop is not vey bad its okay, hip hop sucks. Rap is not music! Rock is the best!!!

Cameron Russell said:
The new albums just plain bad. Everyone likes Hybrid Theory. Go back to that style of music....simple. The modern age music with Lady Gaga and B.O.B is bad.
I still like Linkin Park though :D



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