I'm sorry but the new Linkin Park songs are the worst sounding piece of GARBAGE I EVER HEARD! What happen to them? They use to be great but now there music sounds like someone wasted ten seconds to put it together. They should be ashamed of themselves. I truly hope that this album is just a joke and they will release a real album this year. I WOULD NEVER WASTE MY MONEY ON THIS ALBUM!!!!! I wouldn't even take it if someone gave it to me for free. 

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I don't agree...I really love the album..the songs are awesome!!

of course it's different from the stuff from the past, but everyone has to try something else! and the guys did a great job with the album!!

You have to get used to it guys! anyways your not a LP Fan! ;)

that is my opinion :)

Sean B said:
I think that you are all ridiculous. Linkin Park doesn't have to make music catered to you, and I'm glad that they don't, because all you seem to want is the same thing over and over again from them. If you want the same music go listen to the same cds. Yeah their old stuff was amazing, still is amazing, but you can definitely tell that their music has matured, and I think it's refreshing.

Besides, why do you have to be so critical? "Garbage I've Ever Heard"??????? I'm sure you've heard worse music. And even if not a simple "Not for me" or "Not my style" would suffice. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if you were in their position and someone told you how much you suck (in their opinion).

So yeah... calm down a bit will ya?

yea. those guys need to chill. I mean, im not a fan of the new one either, but im not proclaiming that its an abominiation like they are.
Alot of people keep saying that LP's New music sucks and at one point I thought that to, but you gotta give these guys a second try. If you actually sit down and listen to their music( and not just the screaming) you can tell that they actually grew up. They matured alot, we need to be like them and quit complaining so much. I mean how old are you to waste your time like your some 10 year old kid without a girlfriend bombing on an album that doesn't complain like you about people they hate. Just please get some common sense and grow up people.




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