If I had to guess, I would say that most of the members on this site are TRUE FANS of Linkin Park (I say 'If I had to guess' because there are those select few who join these kinds of things just to make fun of them...).  As fans of the music, we love all/most of their music right?  But the question is, which music do we like better?  The old nu-metal rap style such as in Hybrid Theory and Meteora?  Or the more mellow alternative style of Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns?  My personal opinion:  I love ALL of their music, every song...but if I had to choose, I think I actually like the newer things just a little better.  That's why I'm starting this discussion: I want to know YOUR personal thoughts and opinions on Linkin Park's change in style throughout the years.  Feel free to share them with me!!!  I would love to hear what the Linkin Park fans of the world have to say!!! :D

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there is no old or new linkin park, linkin park has and always will still be linkin park, they've just tried to please us with something that they are not used to do. However, I think they should make an unpplugged concert! It would be amazing!
Exactly! Nothing more to say

larrisa frink said:
i like the new and old linkin park. they just changed their music a little bit and they're still awesome today. i don't think people really need to choose sides, they're just the same old LP.
New or old? I don't know what to say. Probably, I say - old style. But the new style, too, to my liking. LP unique band. I will always interesting to listen to them, because it is a very diverse group. "Hybrid Theory" and "A Thousand Suns" - heaven and earth. Many fans were disappointed after the last album in them. Well, what do you want? Again HT? It's great, that they are experimenting and does not stand still. These guys know how to work with the music. I don't know what style will the new album, but I can say that the album will be GORGEYS, because it's Linkin Park!
I would like to ask the fans: Do you want to band released all of their albums in the style of HT and there was no progress and the band became a commercial project? Or do you want to hear something new that has never heard before? )))
i agree with everything there great however how do you guys feel about this- that linkin park would be nothing without CHESTER BENNINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think they would still be stuck in mikes garage if it wasnt for chester he can do anything.
i love both the old and the new 'cause they're one and the same... it's like growing up, right? you don't stay 21 forever — you grow up, expand your knowledge, harness your skills and simply explore more things. i reckon that's how it is when you've grown up with their music and get inspired with the all the materials they share with everyone, especially their fans.
I enjoy both their old and new styles; I like the mix they have with their old and new songs. In fact, from the beginning, there was always an indication that Linkin Park was a band that would experiment with different styles and music: The name of their first studio album, Hybrid Theory. That name was originally going to be the name of their group, until they had to change it to Linkin Park because another band already had the name Hybrid Theory. Anyway, Linkin Park wasn't quite as experienced musically at that time, and Chester Bennington and the other guys were only in their early 20's. The hardcore style of their old albums reflects Chester's experiences as a child and teen. He dealt with sexual assault, depression, parents' divorce and drug problems. These negative experiences translated into the music and formed those screaming vocals and angry lyrics that are so prominent in their early songs. As previously stated, Chester was still in his early 20's at the time, so those bad childhood experiences were probably still fresh in his mind. With their most recent albums Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns, their maturity is definitely noticeable, and they sound more like an experienced rock band. The music sounds less angry, and are about more global issues rather than personal issues. Those fans that are complaining and asking why they had to change their style should understand that bands change their styles over time. It's part of their evolution. Chester should be over with his negative childhood experiences by now, after more than a decade in the band. So no longer will Linkin Park do many songs with lots of screaming vocals, intense power chords, and angry lyrics. They now have the experience to make music with more meaningful lyrics and themes. Chester himself has said he thinks music is a selfish art, and I agree with him. You won't get anywhere trying to please your fanbase, even if most of them don't like the music style you have right now.

Guys, we all love Linkin Park
It's so awesome !
but I think that their last album " A Thousand Suns " isn't as good as their Previous Albums !!!
Don't Say I'm Not A True Fan ,, I Love LP SO Much & They are the only band that I Love ,, Yes I Love Hybrid Theory & Meteora ... They Both Were Awesome :)
Minutes To Midnight, Well I Liked Some Of Its Songs, Like No More Sorrow, What I've Done, Given Up & In Pieces ,, But The Other Songs were just different than the Linkin Park we Knew, just too soft !!!!
Ok the album was still great with mix songs, at least there were some Hard songs !
But A Thousand Suns ?? I Heard It In The Beginning, HATED every song in it !!!!!
It was just too soft, way softer than the Real Linkin Park :S
After Listening more than once to the songs ,, I Liked The Catalyst The Most, Burning In The Skies, Waiting for the end & Iridescent !
But Still Its WAY TOO Soft Than LP ,, & The Disappointment Was that there was no Hard Songs At All !!!!
So Just If This Message Could Reach Linkin Park ,, We all would love Harder Songs In Future Albums, Even If There Has To Be Soft Songs !!

They Evolved ?? yeah ok ,, but still fans DEMAND some Hard Songs !

We Need Rock - Rap - Metal songs in the album, along with other genres ,, that would make the album truly GENRE-BREAKING ,, because it includes all genres or mix of it !

We Don't Want THE EXACT SAME TONE & SONGS From HT & Meteora !!!!!!

We Want Advanced & EVOLVED Songs That Satisfy Our Needs, & We Are Used To Metal, Rock & Rap ... so We Really Need Portions Of Those Along With The New Styles !!!!
Last But Not Least, I guess we all miss "Lying From You" Metal Style, "In The End" Rap/Rock Style, "From The Inside" Awesomeness & Of Course CHESTER's Screams !!!!
* just expressing my opinion !!

I've absolutely adored every song they've made...Granted, the older stuff is a little heavier than the newer, but they still kick butt!..I simply cannot get enough of "When They Come For Me"...There's just something about it I love...I love watching the different live videos of that song & the way Chester dances when he starts on his drums...Too funny & cute!!...They're simply the best in my book!
this is for lp rock rap who the fuck are you to damand anything from them?! are you in the band?! do you profit from there music?! nobody forced you to buy the thousand suns albulm you did it yourself. linkin park has the right to do what they want with THEIR MUSIC. if you dont like it dont listen to them and you said not to say your not a true fan guess what your FUCKING NOT A TRUE FAN your one of those assholes that thinks he has the right to demand something from something that doesnt belong to him we dont want your shit on here TRUE FANS ONLY PLEASE. and the comment you made about the real linkin park i didnt know they were fake linkin park is linkin park no matter how they sound thats not for you or anybody else to deside they are who they are either come on board or go fuck yourself!!!

Austin David Shade :

I'm sure This Is Not Only My View ,, I'm Sure There Are TONS Of Fans That Think The Same As I Do !!!

Plz Don't Call Me Or Any one (Asshole), Respect opinions !!!

I'm just expressing opinion, not demanding !!!!

I'm just saying that we love harder songs, and even the older albums had soft songs !!

I'm a True Fan ,, Don't u Dare Say I'm not !!

I Like Some Of The New Songs ,, But They are never as good as the Hard songs !!

I'm A Fan & I Have The Right To Express My Opinion !!!!!!

Why Do U Care ???????!!!!!

This Isn't Fake Linkin Park !!! I Didn't Mean That !!!!!

Linkin Park Are Known As (( Best Rock Band ))) ,, Well This Isn't Their Level !!!!

They Can Do Better ,, Their New Songs Are NEARLY POP !!!

Maybe You Are One Of The New Fans That Love Soft Songs O.o

Well Linkin Park Are Known As Rock Band ,, Not POP Band !!!!!!!

I JOIN My Voice To THOUSANDS Of Other Fans & Say : PLEASE Linkin Park ,, Satisfy Us With SOME Hard Songs !!!!

THAT'S ALL !!!!!!!!!!!

They Evolved ?? yeah ok ,, but still fans DEMAND some Hard Songs ! thats you buddy the word demand is in bold letters lets see what else oh satify us i hope your not talking for everybody because i am satisfied plus its not there job to satisfy you me or anybody people like you are selfish. and as far as them being pop your on drugs! ALSO FOR YOUR INFORMATION I HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO LINKIN PARK SINCE BEFORE CHESTER EVEN CAME INTO THE BAND IM PROBLY OLDER THEN YOU!!! and as far as hard songs go you left out blackout which has tons of screaming in it dude nothing you say even makes sence you are trying to tell linkin park that their new stuff is toooo soft well maybe to you not to them thats what they wanted to do ITS THEIR FUCKING MUSIC NOT ANYBODY ELSES YOU DONT LIKE IT TOO BAD START A BAND AND MAKE MUSIC YOU WANT LINKIN PARK ISNT GONNA CONFORM DID YOU EVEN LISTEN TO WHEN THEY COME FOR ME MIKE SAYS IT ALL AND I QUOTE "everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first but im not a ROBOT im not a MONKEY i will not dance even if the beats funky opposet of lazy far from a punk yall otta stop TALKING and start trying TO CATCH UP MOTHA FUCKA yeah but im sure you a true fan YEAH RIGHT!!!..................

Your just making fun of me & forgetting the point !!!

I'm sorry for saying Demand ,, but I don't mean that exactly in the way u understand it !!!

I know its not my music ,, its their music I l know ,, what's wrong with u ?? why repeat that over and over !!

Blackout is Just Screaming & Screaming :P nothing catchy in the beginning !!! just a little cool when mike starts !!! I Prefer the Catalyst > my best song in the album !!

I was being Ironic when I said that u didn't follow the band until those days ,, I Respect people ,, & I AM A True Fan !!

I Don't want song exactly like the old album !!! & I Don't Want the next song to be like the old songs ,, !!

& Yes I Say Its Softer than LP Style ,,, LP is Rock Band ,, WHERE'S Rock ???? This Isn't Even Alternative !!!!!!!!!!

We're not going anywhere if you will say : Start your own band !!!

I'm NOT Alone In This ,, There Are Many Many People That Agree With Me !!!!

where's the instruments ?? those new songs all are like ... Techno !!!

Everyone says LP Gone Soft !!!! I don't say I'm LEAVING LP ,, NEVER !!!!

But I Say .... How About Harder Songs In Next Album ?? May LP Hear This !!!!

& I'm Not Saying GO HARD ALL SONGS MUST BE HARD !!! I'm NOT !!!!

I Say ,, Make Balance Between Hard & Soft ;)

Plz Read my posts over & over ,, try to understand my point EVEN if you disagree !!!

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