If I had to guess, I would say that most of the members on this site are TRUE FANS of Linkin Park (I say 'If I had to guess' because there are those select few who join these kinds of things just to make fun of them...).  As fans of the music, we love all/most of their music right?  But the question is, which music do we like better?  The old nu-metal rap style such as in Hybrid Theory and Meteora?  Or the more mellow alternative style of Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns?  My personal opinion:  I love ALL of their music, every song...but if I had to choose, I think I actually like the newer things just a little better.  That's why I'm starting this discussion: I want to know YOUR personal thoughts and opinions on Linkin Park's change in style throughout the years.  Feel free to share them with me!!!  I would love to hear what the Linkin Park fans of the world have to say!!! :D

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I believe LP's newer music (Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns) is a very risky experiment that in my eyes, was brilliant. I believe it to be much more musical and pleasing to the ear. Don't get me wrong, I love metal and everything pretty heavy. But there is a certain element about their new songs, specifically from A Thousand Suns that catches my ear and I always find a new part of each song that makes it even more memorable. I enjoy their old stuff, but LOVE their new stuff.

if we are talking about old style listen to their new single lies greed misery.lol it was so fcking awesome so similar to meteora it was like a place for my head and wreches and kins.i checked the style in the LP wiki and othet sites and all the sites sayed:
Rap Metal
Industial Metal

Robert Costa said:

Since their album "Minutes to Midnight", I haven't been able to accept Linkin Parks' new style with their music, they sound like any other rock band that gets played on the radio. Don't get me wrong, the messages they portray in each song they produce is not something they've set astray, but their style of music is. I miss the old Linkin Park, where Shinoda would hop on the mic and spit some rhymes while Chester killed it with his vocals, with Hahn in the background scratching*. Shinoda has one of the most unique and smoothest flows when he raps, and I miss hearing that in their songs. "LIES GREED MISERY" is indeed similar to their old style of music, but I still have yet to say "This is the best song Linkin Park has ever made".

I love all LP's studio albums but love the new stuff more simply because I haven't heard it so many times - it's fresher for me - plus they've done cool new things along the way. A Thousand Suns was great!!! I'm so looking forward to the new album - loved Lies Greed Misery in particular so far :)

I've been listen to Linkin Park for over 9 years, since I was introduced to them in Junior High by my sister. I have loved almost everything they have made except A Thousand Suns. My first listen to it was devastating and I have touched it since it came out. I recently stumbled upon an article about the album so I decided to give it another listen. I had to man up and apologize to Linkin Park and all you other loyal fans for being too hasty in my my listen. They knew what they were doing more than I thought and I didn't give that a chance. This is what I just changed a two star review on iTunes to:

"Let's face it, artists change. I first heard Linkin Park 9 years ago and their music shaped my life. Without their beats, lyrics, and general music, who knows how I would have expressed myself as a teenager? I had music that I didn't have to focus on to wash over me and any true LP listener knows what I am saying. I was psyched for this album and was devastated the first time I heard it and it has remained untouched on my iPod since. 

For those of you saying that this isn't "the old LP," I agree. If you look at Reanimation, that was the second album I ever bought and it was a bizarre twist from the original Hybrid Theory, but it was amazing in its own right. This album is the same. This album is a work of art. LP has taken their unique style that captured our souls and minds for years and invested it differently than we are used to. I'm listening to it as I write this and I'll be a man and say it: I WAS WRONG IN MY FIRST REACTION!!! 

The reason many of you do not like this album is because it is not a hardcore workout style album like Hybrid Theory or any of the other albums. This album is meant to be listened to with large, bass thumping headphones in an environment that allows for you to mentally focus on the music, not blindly listen for a first time as many of us do. I was busy and in a rush the first time I listened to this and that was the wrong approach. This album is something to be savored, not devoured.

Once you truly listen to this album as Linkin Park meant you to, you will see it as they meant you to and let me say, it is absolutely amazing.

LP, keep doing what you do, you have successfully blown my mind with your music as well as you did 9 years ago."

All I can say is LP rocks!
I don't even dislike their new style of music. I just love it, thats what you call a " TRUE FANS ".
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Minutes To Midnight, A Thousand Suns & Living Things ( all of their official album is GREAT!!!)
They are all amazing! LP FOREVER............ ^_^

Hello, I am fond of Linkin Park since that my use of reason, given that I have only 15 years, may not have both criterion and other fans, but I think they have much lowered its level. Given to who want to adapt to the new generations, or to feel fear to continue not liking the style that had earlier, in my opinion were much better when they gave the puntazo of Meteora or Hybrid, that given more cane and looked to be more motivated, on the other hand now, with this style more light I was quite disappointed. In addition to that, although this has not much to do, I reached offending that they want to sell online from their last LP commercial material.Even so must say that Linkin Park has been and is my favorite band, and I have hope in them.

Thanks for your attention.

In my own humble opinion, I think people should stop bitching about their what they sound like. Not saying that no one should have an opinion, but that they should be more realistic and stop thinking of other human beings as if their idols of stone, never to change. But, some fans on here view LP purely as that, objects to obsess over and covet in such a way they hate to see them deviate from their "image" they they thought best. Its insanity if you ask me, why can't people appreciate something and leave it at that? Instead people twist bands and such in a way to make them more personal than they ever should have. I digress on the "blind fan" topic. Am I the only one who thinks that what a band or artist is trying to achieve through their music, or what they have to say in their music is a little more important than the sound? Of course, the sound has to aesthetically appeal to people to get their interest, but you obviously can't please everyone. So as they didn't want to continue doing the same thing (and be bored of it themselves), like anyone(?) they decided to try new sounds and expand the music. A change to their sound honestly never bothered me, they always came off to me as a more experimental band that was prone to change their sound. But since some people are really shallow and superficial, they flip out about little things like their looks (I remember when some peoples worlds were crushed when members started growing beards.) Really though, its not a laughing matter when people start to obsess over something, remember what happened to Dime-Bag Darrel? Yeah, cuz' a fan didn't like a decision the band made. Personally, I respect the bands member because of their actions, their attempts to do something positive in the world, and promote something worthwhile people should pay more attention to. It reflects a good deal of their character, despite if you don't know them personally, its an admirable enough for anyone to be able to respect. If they were any other band that just talked about getting drunk, screwing, drugs, and having a good time, I wouldn't give a rats ass about them.

i've been a fan since i was 13-14...back when they first started. i'm 25 now

When I started listening to them 4 and 1/2 years ago I became obsessed with hybrid theory and meteora, because it helped me cope with things going on in my life. As each album came out, such as Minutes to Midnight and A thousand suns, I would instantly become obsessed with each one. Also, since they have evolved I have grown and changed just as they have, especially in my tastes in music. I adore all the old and new albums because they all have a special meaning to me. I really enjoy all their music because it has displayed have they've evolved as a band and how they want to make an impact on the music industry, which I think is pretty amazing.

If you have been a fan like myself since 1999, and depending on your age, I think you have to say Hybrid Theory and Meteora will always no matter what be the best albums every by LP. It shaped my life and I kind of grew with LP as there music progressed. I loved every album they have done, but they lost me a little with minutes to midnight, it was the first album I couldnt just hit play and listen to every song and love every song, I skipped tracks. HT and METEORA, start to finish outstanding and could rock out to the entire albums, then ATS came and brought me back in and for the most part loved the entire CD and can listen to it from start to finish, different sound, didnt have as much hard rock and rap as I like but I felt like they got the mix much better then minutes to midnight. Live shows the songs they play from the albums are always awesome though and them being a great live band saves it for me even for M2M songs. Now I think this new album, from what I have heard so far, and the way it is described, I feel like it is going to be the one that puts them back fully on the map for me with a perfect combination of OLD LP AND NEW LP. I dont think anyone wants them to do the old style or that they could do the old style anymore for a new album, LP cant go backwards and they have gotten older, tastes have changed and there skills and strengths are changing. I think Mike is at his best now with his rap game, chester was always a beast but his voice is taking a toll for sure, but I think this new album is going to combine the best of both worlds, and is exactly what LP fans need, old and new. I think all there albums have brought new fans, and lost some fans that were into them in 1999 or 2000, true fans have shared the journey with them, respected what they have done, but that doesnt mean you have to think everything they do is AWESOME, and its not, but for the amount of albums they have had, and songs, even with M2M, I think 92 percent of the songs have been on the AWESOME level, and can not wait for this next album to come out and prove me right that THIS IS A PERFECT COMBO OF MIKE RAPPING, TURNTABLES, SOFT CHESTER, ROCK and SCREAMING CHESTER mixed with some new sounds. What is cool is HT and METEORA, first time I heard them, BAM OFF THE CHARTS AWESOME, later albums, they had to grow on me, ATS, first time BAM I LOVED IT AGAIN, and I think this one will be the best album since HT.

I don't think there is a "old" and "new" Linkin Park. But i get what you are trying to say. In that case i like the new LP just a little better, mostly because of ATS but also the most awesome song ever written, New Divide. Even if i would try i wouldn't be able to dislike a single song on ATS, even the shortes ones like "Jornada Del Muerto" because they fitted so well into the album. To put it short, the album is a masterpiece and i don't understand why most people didn't like it.

One last thing i want to add is that i ofcourse like their old music to almost equally as much as the new music.

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