If I had to guess, I would say that most of the members on this site are TRUE FANS of Linkin Park (I say 'If I had to guess' because there are those select few who join these kinds of things just to make fun of them...).  As fans of the music, we love all/most of their music right?  But the question is, which music do we like better?  The old nu-metal rap style such as in Hybrid Theory and Meteora?  Or the more mellow alternative style of Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns?  My personal opinion:  I love ALL of their music, every song...but if I had to choose, I think I actually like the newer things just a little better.  That's why I'm starting this discussion: I want to know YOUR personal thoughts and opinions on Linkin Park's change in style throughout the years.  Feel free to share them with me!!!  I would love to hear what the Linkin Park fans of the world have to say!!! :D

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I agree with you I love all there songs but I do have to say I like some really heavy metal so I would have to say I'm a lover off the nu metal style like in hybrid theory especially what I really love about the new style is the electronic input into the sound. :)
I would also like to say that I think it would be nice if when licking things comes out it has some of there old style aswell as some new :) however I know not everyone will agree with me :)
*Living things. I hate auto correct sometimes :/

I love all LP's releases from day 1 until today... I've read in lots of places that lots of people grew up with Linkin Park. I'm from Uruguay a spanish speaking country on South America, the first time I listened/saw Linkin Park was in a top 10 on MTV Latinoamerica and they blew my mind, I was 12 years old and wasn't much an "english speaker" so the music was the main impact, the look, everything was so good, Papercut video and song were something out of this world to me, and even today I feel the same. I felt and feel identified with every song of every album that LP got out. While I was growing up, I felt that the band was accompanying me in all changes I was going through,with the music, with the lyrics... now my teenager years have kinda ended and I think I matured... so has Linkin Park for me, musically, lyrically and as individuals. I'm 21, things are different...have changed, and the band has changed to good, as musicians they denied the boundaries something that really shows their versatility and their quality as true musicians. the final answer is I love LINKIN PARK

I like the older style more then the new. There are some really good songs on their newer albums, but there are also soooooo many ballads and really boring songs.

The years passed and just as the band has matured well.

There new stuff is way more chilled out. Stuff i put on wind down n chill out. Alllll of thier songs are amazing and there isnt 1 i dont like but there older style is more out there n different, making them what they r today!!!!! My dad 1st introduced LP to me wen i was 8 an i fell in love with them ever since so new or old i love it and please just keep giving!!!!!

There will be no competition. OLD LP IS BETTER if you started listening to them from Hybrid Theory, and you fell in love with LP, went to all the concerts, the festivals, Hybrid Theory and Meteora were unreal and hard core, perfect mix of the time when rock and hip hop was blending and only a few bands did it well. LP was one of maybe 5 bands that could pull off the rock rap style and top the charts with two albums that you could listen to all day start to finish every track, and can still put it on today and rock out to it just like it was a new CD released in 2012 and would be better then most albums out there now. They matured, I think Chester lost his voice some for screaming, they grew up, matured, they hit a rough spot with minutes to midnight and only had a couple good songs on the album for me, lost a lot of fans, got some new fans, then ATS came out and was way better, strong album, unique that flowed from track one to the end and now Living Things has brought more of the hip hop, rock back and yes since meteora they have changed to softer, more ballads, less rap, less heavy metal, but I think Living Things if we had a bit more chester, is really a good job combing both styles and will bring back some of the old LP fans, and keep the fans that came on at M2M. Will always love LP, and the best thing about them, is when they play live, they have so many great songs to play from different albums, that it is an EXPERIENCE, NOT JUST MUSIC. LP FOREVER.

Hmmm I've always been more of a fan of old LP but this new album has been killin it for me. Maybe because of what you were saying, michael, about this album combining both of those styles. It also helps that the album is fucking dirt cheap on Amazon at 5 dollars haha.

I love Linkin Park. They've evolved and there isn't a "new" or "old" LP. Some of the songs have to grow on me and I know the first time I listened to ATS I was taken aback by it. But I listened to it over and over and it really is just amazing. Living Things is equally amazing in it's own way. All the elements from LP back in the beginning are still there they are just tweaked and new things have been added. I am just so over this whole debate over which is better. If you like Hybrid Theory and Meteroa, listen to that. If you like the new stuff, listen to it. if you are like me and like it all, listen to it all. Regardless I will be at the concert on Sept 8th and am beyond excited.

I'm like you, Megan! I love ALL!
Linkin Park are always in evolution, and I think that their journey in the world of music is amazing... I can't choose between OLD and NEW, because are complementary. If old there wasn't, new wouldn't have existed. So, who loves new have to thank old. And after the old must necessarily be the new, during an evolution. So, if you love old more than new you have to know that new is nothing but the evolution of old LP (it is a "new old LP").
I can't make a decision. I listen to all their music in different times of my life, and I love it all!

I think they were always good from the beginning. Only in the last album of theirs(Living Things), I dint find it so great. They seem to be singing on the same old ways. There is nothing much new in it and they seemed to have lost it out on the lyrical richness. I believe in Linkin Park. And not old or new Linkin Park.

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