If I had to guess, I would say that most of the members on this site are TRUE FANS of Linkin Park (I say 'If I had to guess' because there are those select few who join these kinds of things just to make fun of them...).  As fans of the music, we love all/most of their music right?  But the question is, which music do we like better?  The old nu-metal rap style such as in Hybrid Theory and Meteora?  Or the more mellow alternative style of Minutes to Midnight and A Thousand Suns?  My personal opinion:  I love ALL of their music, every song...but if I had to choose, I think I actually like the newer things just a little better.  That's why I'm starting this discussion: I want to know YOUR personal thoughts and opinions on Linkin Park's change in style throughout the years.  Feel free to share them with me!!!  I would love to hear what the Linkin Park fans of the world have to say!!! :D

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I've been addicted to them for a few months now...I have one  'A Thousand Suns' t-shirt and one of the walls in my room is completely dedicated to them :)
i think i dont see any differences , they seems to me the old good linkin park and i wont even dare call it old since the modern music sound and tracks + lyrics are allways renewable to me and they are pretty good...:) modern new:XD
I love EVERY SINGLE ONE of their  songs, so it's all good to me :)  But there is a distinction between what they did back in 2000 and what they did last year...but I love both styles :)
I'm pretty sure it's availab;e in stores...every other one of their albums has been :)  If I were you I would just look around in different stores to see if they have it
Personally i love the old linkin park Newer linkin park is good music still its just they changed there sound a little bit more than the adoring fan would have hoped. Either way LP is still my favorite band.
Mine too :) I love them sooo much!!! 
Pfft! If it has LP on it, I love it! Even merchandise, I have a crap load of LP shirts.
Haha lucky!! :D  I feel ya, anything Linkin Park I go crazyy for!!   I need to get some new LP shirts...O only have one A Thousand Suns t-shirt :)
I prefer the old stuff better, but the new stuff is still good.

I like how they have two sides:

One is more nu metal/hard rock for the people into that

The other one is more gentle and sweet :)

Linkin Park is like an amusement park: There are the gentle rides and the thrilling ones.  You don't have a very good park unless you have both...and they have both, which makes them an AMAZING band :D

Linkin Park, is the park where I'm belong. For the first time they have been built. They make something different from the other. And still...

Not many band like them. Whatever they old or new, the sound, the lyrics, still unique.GREAT.only linkin park. What I feel when hear the old song like meeting with some old friend. And old friend is always the BEST


i think both their old and their new music styles are just as good. however the lyrics are different, its like theres a message. sometimes they use a different language to get that message across (they used Japanese in Jornada Del Muerto). sometimes the songs dont even have lyrics (Empty Spaces) but that message is still there, stronger than before. listen to the whole album of A Thousand Suns. the album is also a message in itself. so if i had to choose i would choose the new LP. but that is just what i think.:)

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