Hi Everyone,

I am from Malaysia and has been inspired by LP latest album since Minutes to Midnight until now, especially Living Things.

I've downloaded the Songs pirate-ly through the available website as I don't have cash to get one anyway.

I LOVE most of the songs, actually all of them to be honest.

Now i'm started to earn a living with a job I have now, and planning to get an Original HARD COPY instead of DIGITAL COPY through iTunes.

Back to the main topic, I wanted to know how do I know if I bought an ORIGINAL Copy from Warner Bros instead of pirated copy in the market? In Malaysia it is difficult to tell if it is an Original or not as people simply stick a so call "Malaysian OEM" copy sticker on them and the store claim it is Original and visually and physically on the item itself is NOT.

Instead of looking through the barcode country 9362495048 (Malaysia)  is there any other way to identify is the disc is an Original Copy?

Also, I am a person prioritize the sound quality, I prefer FLAC audio format as I don't like the funny lossy noise on the Audio background.

I downloaded a FLAC audio format LP-Living Things album from Torrent, and it sounds perfect and rock my audio system.
BUT, it doesn't satisfy my feelings. I need to get my hands on the Original CD Copy.

I wanted to support LP by buying their Original products from this very moment.
Please do guide me.

If I know a way to identify it is an Original Copy or not, I could start a small business by selling LP Original products in market.

Hope to hear from you guys soon.


Marcos L.

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I agree with you too. There's thousands of  fans on this world can't afford to buy their disc or attended their concert (including me).. We can only watch through YouTube or this site video section. Many fans want to meet and greet with LP face-to-face... What can we do? 

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