I Think Linkin Park should play songs like their older stuff. In my opinion minutes to midnight sucked. None of the songs were as good as hybrid theory and meteora. Wat does everybody think? I've liked them since their album came out so..

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wth, its not a slap in the face, have you heard of a thing called evolution? if every band sounded the same it would just be complete crap, as a person if you say that "i love the old and hate the new" to me that means as a music liscener you havnt changed at all, and i know as ive progressed in life ive changed and i feel like linkin park are music listeners too and changed based on too much candy music,

if mike shinotas readin this i live in the outter suburbs of Detroit and heard what you said on 89x at 8:30 and i completely agree with you, you guys are the most real band out there.
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Gabriel Castro

Todd Williamson said:
dear gabriel castro. linkin park are extremely sorry to hear that you didn't like the album. they apologize for growing up and letting their music mature.
they also apologize for not calling the album Gabriel Castro.
yours sincerest,
todd williamson.
I have to agree id much rather throw on meteora or hybrid theory, the reason i started listening to linkin park was because they were so original, everyone is going electronic in there own way these days seems abit mainstream to me, noones complaining but we all know a good thing when we hear it. (reffering to meteora & hybrid theory)

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