What do you think about it? and also do you agree on the fact that Linkin Park will be releasing new albums every 14 months?. or just discuss bout LP in general.

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Remember, they are getting older, not younger.

As long as they make fresh music that will keep us interested, and especially keep THEM interested, Im fine. As long as they don't repeat themselves. Make every album sound different from one another.

As for "making an album every 18 months"

There's a consequence for that, Chester did say, if they were to happen, then there would be LESS TOUR DATES. 

Hope to see this new album this year! :)

But be patient too!^^

I think change is a good thing. Who wants to listen to the same thing everyday for the rest of their life? Yes everyone has there favorite band, but that is not the only band/singer you listen to is it? Most people like different things, and I think it is the same for the guy's from LP. As time goes on, peoples tastes change and they want to try new things. Whats wrong with that? That is just my opinion. I love LP and always will!

It's too fast ... if they go out every 18 months, then the quality, meaning, the ratings will not be like the past albums

альбомы Линкин Парк выходят раз в 3-4 года И ВЗРЫВАЮТ МИРОВЫЕ чарты

I don't think Linkin Park ever cares about record sales or commercial success. Good for them. They want to make the music they want to make. 

They don't want fans to tell them what kind of a band they should be, or what kind of music they should make. They established that since from the beginning. They are taking a huge risk and they will stand by it just like how they took a risk before they were signed onto Warner Brothers.

I believe there is no signature Linkin Park sound. Since the beginning they didn't want to be categorized into a certain musical genre. (watch the interviews). They are a hybrid of different influences (hybrid theory).

I can't wait for the new album, I expect it to be different and fresh. Linkin Park is one of the bands that will continue to move forward and not repeat anything they've done in the past.

Ask yourself this, if you kept on making an album with the same genre, wouldn't you be bored of making the same music for a decade? I know I would. Plus your musical taste will change over time.  "Nu metal isn't really "nu" anymore" as Mike Shinoda said

I think that kind of music they did he would be really cool for me ... They create masterpieces of rock music that touches the soul.

Dude....they should make Brad more prominent in the album...in ATS...the guitars were just for background...

Stefan Sestovic said:

More guitar, more BRAD, more heavier stuff :) I'm looking forward to it :)

It would be awesome if LP could release an album every 18 month, but as other's have said, would that effect the quality? Personally I think they know what they are doing, they have been LP for 10 years now! So I don't think they are going to mess it up, they will have already planned ahead. I trust them!

With regards to to more Chester or more Brad, I say more of all! =D

I want it to be just like Hybrid Theory. Thats the BEST album they have made. The new one isnt good IMO.

I still love this band :)))))))))))))))))

I hope something like a fusion of Hybrid Theory and A Thousand Suns

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