What do you think about it? and also do you agree on the fact that Linkin Park will be releasing new albums every 14 months?. or just discuss bout LP in general.

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I hope they will do it 

yes its 18 month
Nada Maher said:

They said an album every 18 months not 14

as long as it doesn't affect the quality

Did u guys know that the new album will be called "mete-okra..or somm like that lol

Yeah, I think it's actually MIDIaura ^.-

XD I really hope it was a joke when Mike said it. Cause that doesn't sound good at all D:

Omg I love Chester and Shinoda <3 I hope they come out with a new album soon

I love you guys hope the album will be released very soon and wish you a very long life and a lot of creative ideas

I just hope all the LP new albums will be just as good as all the others, except of " A Thousand Suns", not a very good album for me...

Even if they release something I don't agree with, I'll still end up supporting it. I could never hate a song by LP. I enjoy every single piece they've created (side bands included). I find it's not really about the music at first. For me, it's about their message, who they are as people, and their interaction with fans that makes them my favorite band. With that in mind, I can easily conform to any style of music they produce.

As for the title of their next album, I think they'll make a good choice. Even though they claim to be "the worst" at naming their work, they do a really good regardless =)

i hope that it will be like Hybrid Theory!!!

Yeah It's true but the question is what sort of music will that be???????????

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