What do you think about it? and also do you agree on the fact that Linkin Park will be releasing new albums every 14 months?. or just discuss bout LP in general.

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I can't wait untill the new album ! hope i'll be great:)

do you know when they will release the album ? wich month ?

They need to get in the studio and take their time to produce a quality album. The last couple of albums have been mediocre at best.  They seem to be selling out like Green Day.  I have been a fan since day one in 2000 and own every album.  They need to return to the sound that launched them, i.e. Hybrid Theory & Meteora, and stop with the pop, powderpuff sound.  They also need to stop with being the score production for the Transformers franchise.  So, to answer your question....NO, albums should be spaced out atleast 2 years apart. Take notes from Chevelle...they produce albums about every 2-3 years and they have produced 6 quality albums over the last 15 years.  Their new album is solid.  GO TO THE STUDIO ! ! !

I would be so excited for a new album that is more like the earlier stuff. I am desperately waiting for an upcoming tour to include pittsburgh, pa. It has been way to long!!!!!!


heard it for every 18 not 14 xd. whatever it works , i want it pure of LP member ideas. and it doesn't get suck influences trend musics now  / other hand touches in common. cz i knew they are got more awesome to be their self.

I think it would be great! but really I´m not sure If this will gonna happen. But If it happens...Welcome!

i would really like if the new album sounds more like hybrid theory or meteora :D

i don`t mind them bringing new albums out every 14  months as long as the music still as gd as it has been so far


I want the old Linkin Park back. Please i didnt like A Thousand Suns at all. Hybrid Theory and Meteora were amazing. Especially with the techno and mikes raps were good. The punk chester screaming, and not screaming with Mikes raps and some techno are perfect. bring back albums like meteora and hybrid theory PLEASE! Songs like papercut, runaway, one step closer, points of authority, in the end, numb, etc is what LP is known for. bring songs like that back please!

hope i can jump with the new album,

like 'faint'

I think so too ...

I wonder how this goal of "new album every 18 months" will coexist with touring. I know a year and a half is plenty of time to make a quality album, but add touring to the mix and it's questionable.

Obviously they'll have ideas while touring and later record them when they get the chance. I don't know, maybe they'll somehow make it work.

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