What do you think about it? and also do you agree on the fact that Linkin Park will be releasing new albums every 14 months?. or just discuss bout LP in general.

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I. Love. You.

Richard Toste said:

3 years huh? So, 2009? Before ATS existed, and M2M was already two years old? Just like most of your posts, that makes zero sense. I guess you didn't read my entire post, I grew up listening to LP. 22 years old. 12 years of LP. Even a dummy like you can do the math, that's more than half of my life. I've seen some of your posts here, and it's clear to me that there would be no point in trying to argue with you. You're not a true fan and that's the end of my argument, you shouldn't be here. Hybrid Theory and Meteora will be forever masterpiece's. But if you can sit there, and say that M2M "sucked" and so did ATS, then what are you doing here seriously? It's been 9 years since Meteora was released, surely you should have moved on. But you stay here to bash the music of the band we love? And one last thing, if you think LP will go back to the exact Rap/Rock formula we all loved at one point, then youre in for a major disappointment, Chester has grown, his voice has changed, he does amazing things now, he's evolved, the entire band has evolved. You can read read that interview all you want, and keep convincing yourself of what you think Chester was saying, but if the Rap/Rock stipulation is the only thing that will make you love an LP album, then move on. It's not happening, I strongly suggest you dedicate all of today to listening to LP, all of LP, with a different mindset, figure out what you've been missing, only then will this summer be amazing for you, if not, you're going to be a sad little pissed off B*****

Axel Lexa said:

Really? So let`s get that straight! You, dear R.T., are certainly the biggest fan of LP, so why won`t you just go back in time, approximately 3 yrs ago, to interrupt the moment you were just becoming the LP fan and spare us your dumbass comments, huh? I won`t be replyin` to ur thought shower anymore.

Richard Toste said:

Dear Axel Lexa, and daniel lazarov:

You have no idea what Linkin Park means to their true fans. You have no idea that their music is more of a lifestyle to us than just something to put into an iPod. You have no idea the true love that comes with growing up with a band that just seems to be recording music specifically for you, and resonate with you more than anything else on this earth. You have no idea how to grow with the band you use to love. You have no idea how to progress with them. You have no idea what it is to be a true fan. 

can u tell us what is the name of the new album? :)

Really glad that they dont pay attention to the critics and just make music that moves forward instead of making Hybrid Theory over and over again, growth as an artist is one of the best things in life and Linkin Park continue to be oneof the greatest bands in life

I just listened to Living Things for the first time, and i fell in love with it. They have a little bit of a new sound every time i hear them, but i feel like they're still growing and progressing as an amazing band. I am excited to hear all the new sounds they will experiment with.

Another great album by linkin park, well worth waiting for and let's hope for a tour as well so we can hear the best live band

Yes that is "Living Things". I was following their news regularly


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