We know that Recharged, a new remix album will be released 10/29/13. But I have a question, Is there going to be a sixth album in 2014 ?

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Probably not...considering Linkin Park usually releases an album every 3 years on average. At least 2 years in my opinion..

I think they are. If you read this article, it says it's going to be tough to juggle the two bands since Linkin Park is starting to record a new album! Probably won't be out till spring or summer. Master pieces take time ;)


Yes . . 2014 will come to new album :) ♥

With death metal, folk and dubstep :)

Matthew Color said:

Yes . . 2014 will come to new album :) ♥

Maybe it will come. Reanimation camed one year after Hybrid Theory and next was Meteora 1 year after.

yes yes it has been confirmed by mike himself! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah can't wait :D :D

Yeah probably they're going to release their studio album this summer. So just keep calm & wait :D

Yes, its coming out this summer

I think there is one. Dont know what is the title yet. GATS is released right? I think GATS is included in the next album.

Yes. The Album, as some call it, or call it "The Hunting Party", is to be released in late spring/early summer in 2014. The first single, "Guilty All The Same" was released on March 6th. Any new info has yet to be confirmed.

GATS in the sixth album, out around the end of june!!! :'D

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