I'm from
Brazil and I have no way of knowing much about the band then I wonder
if Linkin Park has some relationship or some sort of satanic pact, if
anyone knows me I would appreciate an accurate answer.

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Uh...no, not at all.
Fuck no
you seem to have internet access, so how would you have no way of knowing much about the band? the internet is a wonderful place for odd questions
Google 'Linkin Park' and you'll figure it out but if you want an actual answer in this thread .. No. Linkin Park is far, FAR, from being satanic.

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's really easy for misconceptions of 'heavy music' or aggressive vocals to be associated with the whole satanic connection, but in the case of Chester, and how I read into his lyrics and message of the band, it couldn't be further from it...

Just listen to A Thousand Suns with the lyrics and that will instantly answer your question.


WTF?!! No way! have you heard the catalyst Mr. ??

No, Linkin Park isn't satanic. Though, some of their songs have back-masked messages, it still doesn't prove them satanic. Try listening to some of their songs, and you might understand what they're trying to say.

Again, I will say what they all are saying :]

Well, you're Brazilian, and maybe you can't understand the song's lyrics, o maybe somebody tell that to you and you believe it . So many songs from lp talk about their thankfulness to God for slow that he gives to them, just hear the "dedicated" song, or the catalyst, even in "numb" talk about something like that

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