I'm from
Brazil and I have no way of knowing much about the band then I wonder
if Linkin Park has some relationship or some sort of satanic pact, if
anyone knows me I would appreciate an accurate answer.

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LOL! First time I hear a question like this!
To the Brazilian dude!
The answer is No!

Where did he ever get that impression?

By the way, real Satanic sympathizing bands would be Deicide, Gorgoroth, Rebelliun (Brazilian Band), Corpselust, Mayhem, Venom, Morbid Angel, the majority of Black Metal & Death Metal bands tend to lean on that arena.
Do your research!

Uhh nO Linkin park is nOt satanic..
try tO listen tO their sOngs
Infact they nOt dont preach satanism but explain to people via their lyrics that life is gOod and One should live it tO the fullest..I was tired of my life but by listening tO LP songs I have Once became a happy persOn

Its all about perceived reality. Linkin Park admitted to understanding of how the world works before releasing Minutes to Midnight "The Doomsday Clock" Even before that spirituality was portrayed with the naming of meteroa and the video numb where they played in a church. MnM was very political, and A Thousand Suns was very apocalyptic. Theories of Linkin Park being in the illuminati have been told "Iridescent video." You can believe that they are talking about a girl and a boy or relationships, or you could think of it as good vs evil. I heard theory that New Divide was a song about Lucifer's fall from heaven. So its more about what you believe and how you precieve the lyrics. I for one think they know something we dont.

Hey mister Andy,
I'm also brazilian and I can say for you that we can speak English, right? What's your problem, anyway? It's just a question (which is wrote in your language)!

And no, LP isn't demoniac (where did you get that idea?), you just need listening the songs.

Andy Nares Larios said:

Well, you're Brazilian, and maybe you can't understand the song's lyrics, o maybe somebody tell that to you and you believe it . So many songs from lp talk about their thankfulness to God for slow that he gives to them, just hear the "dedicated" song, or the catalyst, even in "numb" talk about something like that

you must wash your hands and brush your teeth!!!!!!

Nemesis Orions said:

No, Linkin Park isn't satanic. Though, some of their songs have back-masked messages, it still doesn't prove them satanic. Try listening to some of their songs, and you might understand what they're trying to say.

Yep they are Satan's band. Complete. Even though they have never said anything satanic in any of their songs and the lead singer made A REFERENCE TO GOD AND CHRISTIANITY IN A SONG, they are totes satanic. Trust me, I'm a doctor.

Their LP is in a Triangle Formation which represents "The Trinity". Which Symbolizes The Holy Trinity or God, The Father/Jesus.

Not Satan, or Lucifer.


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