Linkin Park should really come to SA...there's a huge following here and it would just be epic.  It would be bigger than anyone else that has come before in my opinion. Their mix of songs is great and they're the best live act around!

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I'm just waiting,and waiting, and waiting,and waiting,and waiting... FOREVER!!!
I Agree!! this is the only band thats on my bucket list to see live!. I bought the A Million Suns - Live in Madrid DVD/CD recently and can only imagine how awesome they would be here!. C'mon guys!
I'm so glad someone else feels the same way! my very soul is dying to catch a glimpse of them live! When oh when ;-( And even when i watched Transformers 3 i was so proud coz thatz my band and then i was so sadden bcoz i have also b'ing waiting forever for them to come here, now i feel like i'm standing on the edge of devastation:( letz keep the faith guys!:)

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