Linkin Park thanks for the great album!! (Message Inside)

hey guys how u doing, u know lately I read alot of stuff about fans want LP to go back to their old style, hell no, u know what brought me to LP at the first place, because they are people not afraid of taking chances N bringing new things, I mean even back to 2000 Hybrid Theory was something new n different a that time, n you know where it entered in billboard 200 (In 16!!!), but later people stared getting the idea of Rap metal thing!! than it certified Diamond in USA ( 10 millions copies sold!! ).
Finally, n I'm talking here to LP loyal fans, just think about it we could kill the band soul n spirit with asking them keep doing the same things over N over again.
Linkin Park keep your heads up, N keep doing what u doing best.

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I think LP is in the same situtation Eminem was in his last 2 albums. The only difference is that eminem quickly turned things around and apologized to the fans and went back to his real self. LP needs to go back to their roots and apolgize to the fans for MTM and ATS! We want the real LP to show up!

In Eminems his words:

"So I pick up myself off the ground and fuckin swam before I drowned
Hit my bottom so hard I bounce twice suffice this time around
It's different them last two albums didn't count
Encore I was on drugs, Relapse I was flushing em out
I've come up to make it up to you no more fucking around
I've got something to prove to fans I feel like I let em down
So please accept my apology I finally feel like I'm back to normal
I feel like me again, so let me formally reintroduce myself to you for those of you who dont know
The new me's back to the old me and homie I don't show no
Signs of slowin up, oh and I'm blowin up all over"

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