Ok guys, so I've been reading up on the LPU online memberships, and I think I want to buy the Annual Online LPUX pass...if you guys could give me some feedback about these passes based on your personal experience, I would be really grateful to hear what you have to say!!! :D

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Thanx for your post :)  I think I might end up buying the annual one...it's half as expensive per year as the monthly and it has a lot more benefits.

Stephanie Rosen said:

Hey Taylor, there are some other beneifts to being either a Monthly or Annual member that are based on your love of videos.  If you are a Monthly member ($10 per month) then you can watch all of the LPUTV episodes and download the most recent LPTV episode.  LPUTV is JUST for LPU members.  As an Annual member ($60) you can download EVERY LPTV episode from the beginning.  Since you are buying them on iTunes you're probably spending more money, and a season on iTunes is $19.99.  For the Annual cost you can have all the videos plus the merch.  Just a thought.


Anual membership, the best desition specially if the come to your country.
Try counting again. :) This year we've had a scheduled chat with every band member except chester (working on scheduling one!) and have had 2 scheduled chats with Mike!

KATHYxx said:

OH the scheduled ones?  Once every two-three months.


The unscheduled ones are totally random.  You could have four in a month and then the next six months only see one.


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