Hey everyone, I have a question which I need anyone's help on. I am an LPUX member, and so I get the opportunity to get the VIP package to the concert @ $150. That is great and everything, but how do I go by getting an admission ticket as well from LP.com? I say this because If I go to the venue website, the VIP exclusive offer that they have includes the the SRO ticket, which is what I want, and the VIP package (but it sells it to you @ the full $200, the price for non-LPUX members. Is there a way that I can get both the admission ticket and the VIP package on LP's website so I can take advantage of the fact that I can get the $50 dollar discount?

I don't want to the get the VIP package from here @ the discount price and then buy the individual ticket thru the venue's website, but only get a ticket that's not SRO.


Anyone can help?

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