All of us here agree that Linkin Park is one of the best bands, but how many other people think that? I played numb a few days ago in a class and during the song some peeps said that Linkin Park's music sucked. I think it's because Linkin Park isn't as worldwide known as we'd like it to be. You're much more likely to hear somebody talk about nickelback or something. What do you think??

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at first my friends kept telling me that LP is a when they have heard a little of them they really appreciate i think we need not to worry about them when these but heads will hear LP they will know what it is all about and what they are capable of.
I live in Russia. Even our president's son (and the president too) and a lot of famous people here listen to LP's music. It's used in different russians TV-shows. And honestly I don't know a person who doesn't like LP and thinks it's full shit.
wht do u mean one of the best band,,,,,, lp is the best band at present
whats up groupies, I think that Linkin Park is on a short list of top bands worldwide. just my 2 cents, peace
your peeps are sucks..not linkin park..
no...your fuck..since 1996 they are the best until now....
they have there own unique style to deliver there songs to the suck.. i hate you when say in the present..

Abhinandan said:
wht do u mean one of the best band,,,,,, lp is the best band at present
yeah.. i think the mojority likes for what is in for a while..
but nobodys perfect..
but you know guys we don't have to listen of what they said against lp..
but the most important thing is, we love lp and we enjoy thier music...
for us they in as long as they are playing thier good music...
I don't really think LP is one of the best bands (there are a lot more that have made more history) even being my favorite band becouse there is always someone better than you playing, even if you don't like theyr music style but i won't say they are bad becouse they are very good and have aquired a lot of achivements and let's face it they ARE good and i can't understand why people only like 4 or 5 songs from 3 albums... if i like them all. Don't missunderstand me, maybe there are better musicians but no better bands
The people just don`t like them, cause they`re sad, that they and their favourite bands can never be so cool.
For the haters out there...Linkin Park has been around for 10+ years. They survived as a band to make music that died out years ao..anyone remember Limp Bizkit? where are they now...If you dont like the music Linkin Park makes then change the radio station, the music they make and have been making might be a little darker then other sure but do you want your favorite band to copy other bands music or do you want your band to be the one making music that everyone else trys to copy. If you stop and bother to learn the lyrics to LPs music you might hear things you can relate to, is that not what you want to hear your bands making music that sound like its for you. What can you relate too from the Spice Girls not a god damn thing. Ill finish this rant off with dont like Linkin Park Change the god damn station and dont buy they're CD's.
That is all.
no one of my fraind´s like lp too but it´s not my problem right^^ i love this band because they dont play the same over and over again (like nickelback a greadt band but the songs just really are the same in the sound ...) they all have their one musicstyle that´s make´s the band so gread :)

*sorry for my shity english
Linkin Park is one of best bands out there. Personally, Linkin Park is one of the few bands that I still listen too. It just seems like lately there are a bunch of "one hit" bands out there. I love music way too much to follow what people say what is good or not good.



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