I just heard this track on a website and goddamn it's horrible. They are trying way to hard with this album. Catalyst sounded like they were trying to be Nine Inch Nails or something and this is just..i don't even know. It sounds like Mike wants to sound Reggae and Chester's vocals make me want to slit my wrists. I'm sorry but this is strike 2. 1 more and I won't even listen to the album

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your response made no sense.

Kamel D said:
Then Dont even listen to the album cause you definetly dont fell LP music, i have listen to whole album and i think it's great and it's worth to buy it they just take it to the next level. Linkin Park Keep It Real, it don't woth for you to read illogical critic like this.
Signed up just to reply. If people of wisdom or people who enjoy all aspects of music and its expressive qualities this song will not have been criticized the way it had in this thread. The output Linkin Park provides is good and with much respect to this song touches the hearts of the almost anyone who can have an open mind.

It is not horrible, trash, etc... It could be that one who rates may need to be seasoned more common and/or exotic tastes.

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