Chaos. Uprise. Anarchy. This video was created with inspiration coming from the message from the new single "Wretches and Kings" from Linkin Park. I composed this video with the collaborative efforts of a couple friends of mine in an attempt to creatively demonstrate an underground voice of the people who are agressively demanding the need to take action and push towards working cooperatively towards regaining authority from the hierarchy of the government and wealthy who have heightened control over the world as a whole.

The principle theme of this video is the faceless voice of the people. I didn't want the faces to be completely visible so as to emphasize the idea of a concealed proletariat. I used thematic colours that I find acentuate and intensify the emotion of the music. Close captures, movement and facial expression are the elements I focused on the most in the development of this video; to create a piece that has an underground feel although still having pop-culture accessibility through the use of Linkin Park's music.


Software -

Adobe After Effects CS5

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5


Camera -

JVC HDD Everio

Visual art material copyright @ Blue Candy Productions / Justin Everest 2010 (Video Footage, Effects)

All rights to the music are from Linkin Park @ 2010

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Si ubieras tomado escenas de Linkin serie mejor video xD.

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