What your fav album by Linkin Park?
A underground one?
Hibrid theroy?
Minutes To Midnight?
A thousand Suns?
Or one of there side projects? ( eg; fort minor or LP and Jay-Z )

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1- A Thousand Suns

2- Meteora

3- Hybrid Theory

4- Minutes To Midnight

hahaha ATS? With 5 of 15 good songs?? Nooooo!!!!!! Meteora is the best, and THE MOST MEANINGFUL ALBUM OF ALL TIME. JUST LISTEN TO IT!
cant say which is the best album as each one represents a different time in their music

5of 15 good songs? Are you nuts? The Burning in the Skies, When they come for me, Robot boy, Waiting For The End, Blackout, Wretches and Kings, Iridescent, The Catalyst, The Messenger. Blackbirds
10 full length good songs, With the amazing interludes. This album is rockin' . Meteora is my second fav album.
Stefan Sestovic said:

hahaha ATS? With 5 of 15 good songs?? Nooooo!!!!!! Meteora is the best, and THE MOST MEANINGFUL ALBUM OF ALL TIME. JUST LISTEN TO IT!

I listen to a thousand suns about 2 o 3 times a day

  • Meteora
  • A Thousand Suns
  • Hybrid Theory
  • Minutes to Midnight

Most of my favorite songs are in Meteora. But A Thousand Suns come right behind. The awesomeness in this album never cease to amazes me. Hybrid was the first album ever that i bough with my own money and it's a classic. Mintues is wonderfull too, specially for 'No Roads Left'.

Please pick what album had the best album art from the year 2002, or the album art you personally like best.
Ageless Male

all album :)

Minutes to midnight, because it has still a bit of nu-metal in it (no more sorrow, given up and bleed it out kinda), but it also has some beautifull softer songs in it. It doesn't really matter if it's nu-metal or not, because the emotion is in all the songs. Nu-metal only brings it a bit extra emotion or sometimes even hate to it. I have been listening to them since 2000 or so and back then nu-metal was a big thing, too bad it isn't anymore, but I have a lot of respect for them that they still play it live. After 10 years and still such a beautifull voice.

Unless your young and were not around and in the age group when Linkin Park came out, then Hybrid Theory is by far the best album then meteora.  Nothing was or still is as good as those two albums.  I can still put those albums in and play them from start to finish, every track without skipping a track and it sounds fresh, new and like it could come out right now still in 2012 and kick ass.  Now they did develop and became more creative with A Thousand Suns, but every song on hybrid and meteora are top notch and then reanimation.  So it goes Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Reanimation, A Thousand suns, Collision Course, Minutes to midnight.  If you are younger then you might be into A thousand suns, a completely different sound and band then what LP was with HT and METEORA.  Nothing will ever beat HT and Meteora, PERIOD.

meteora for me.......but all of the albums are fuckin great......

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