What your fav album by Linkin Park?
A underground one?
Hibrid theroy?
Minutes To Midnight?
A thousand Suns?
Or one of there side projects? ( eg; fort minor or LP and Jay-Z )

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List your opinion on what that album should be, a runner-up or two, and what other types of music you are into. (So I can see what type of music your into)..........
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nothing beats hybrid theory :)

Hybrid Theory is my favorite, but I loved the rest too. I like the screaming and the passion on songs. Chester is very good at that!

I love A Thousand Suns, but best albums gotta be Hybrid Theory, then Meteora, ATS, MTM

Right now I'd say Meteora, because it was the first album by them that I listened to, so it holds a special place in my heart, as well as being an amazing record, and A Thousand Suns, because I just can't stop listening to it.

Meteora is their best album EVER.

Amen.......Nothing can beat Meteora......!!!!!

cmon all the albums are awsome, but HYBRID THEORY is the hardest of all times, those 37:52 mins are crazy just remember > all of them are HITs manq 

1. "Papercut"   Linkin Park 3:05
2. "One Step Closer"   Linkin Park, Scott Koziol 2:36
3. "With You"   Linkin Park, M. Simpson, J. King 3:23
4. "Points of Authority"   Linkin Park 3:20
5. "Crawling"   Linkin Park, Mark Wakefield 3:29
6. "Runaway"   Linkin Park, Wakefield 3:04
7. "By Myself"   Linkin Park 3:10
8. "In the End"   Linkin Park 3:36
9. "A Place for My Head"   Linkin Park, Wakefield, Farrell 3:09
10. "Forgotten"   Linkin Park, Wakefield, Farrell 3:14
11. "Cure for the Itch"   Linkin Park 2:34
12. "Pushing Me Away"   Linkin Park 3:11
Total length:

i most Deff agree with that

michael said:

Unless your young and were not around and in the age group when Linkin Park came out, then Hybrid Theory is by far the best album then meteora.  Nothing was or still is as good as those two albums.  I can still put those albums in and play them from start to finish, every track without skipping a track and it sounds fresh, new and like it could come out right now still in 2012 and kick ass.  Now they did develop and became more creative with A Thousand Suns, but every song on hybrid and meteora are top notch and then reanimation.  So it goes Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Reanimation, A Thousand suns, Collision Course, Minutes to midnight.  If you are younger then you might be into A thousand suns, a completely different sound and band then what LP was with HT and METEORA.  Nothing will ever beat HT and Meteora, PERIOD.

I'm gonna have to say hybrid theory is the best!!!

Meteora <3

But I very much like them all. They all have something to say and they all are a piece of art work.

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