What your fav album by Linkin Park?
A underground one?
Hibrid theroy?
Minutes To Midnight?
A thousand Suns?
Or one of there side projects? ( eg; fort minor or LP and Jay-Z )

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Meteora A Thousand Suns

always & forever saying Hybrid Theory , cause this is what made us Love LP & those young guys &
& name of band before Chester come was Hybrid theory & after Chazy came & they made a real band name became
Lincoln Park, then they did it to Linkin Park, & Mike designed cover of first album a soldier who became famous on
Hybrid theory soldier cause also Mike name their first album Hybrid Theory :D so we are Hybrid theory soldiers &
this album have best songs ever of LP the songs who made us to Love them <3 :)

Hybrid theory, meteora

Well tbh they r all epic albums but if i had to pick one, i have to go with meteora.

I like Hybrid Theory A LOT (like seriously - who wouldn't?). However, I think A Thousand Suns showed how artistic the band can be and how brave enough they are to take risks. It's like their evolutionary album. There's so much awareness and emotions in their songs, which inspires me a lot. The album is just so honest - that it's not made just to be sold, but it's made solely to express. I think that's the real meaning of making art (of any form) - to express. And the guys nailed it in A Thousand Suns.

In this order: Meteora, Hybrid Theory, Living Things, Minutes to Midnight, and A Thousand Suns. But they're all great!

Hybrid Theory is flawless

Hybrid Theory | Meteora
All the rest are not the best way different. Just different.
2007 Is the year we lost LP


Meteora for the music. A thousand suns for lyrics

The best album on my side is Hybrid Theory and Meteora, i also like Living Things a lot :D

Meteora, and the best side project is surely Reanimation... and living things is very good...

For me i would have to say LP Underground 4.0. When i first heard this the feeling was indescribable, as i'm from the UK at the time Project Revolution was just a dream for me, and to see Linkin Park perform Live was an even bigger dream. But in 4.0 you get to here a little fun in the first few songs and then experience the sheer excitement and fun in a live show! It's only a few song's but it really is a highlight for me :)

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