What your fav album by Linkin Park?
A underground one?
Hibrid theroy?
Minutes To Midnight?
A thousand Suns?
Or one of there side projects? ( eg; fort minor or LP and Jay-Z )

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After collision

Every album is good in their own way. So I haven't a fav. album, sorry

My favorite album is Minutes To Midnight :) Best song live is One Step Closer especially in Texas :)


Minute To Midnight is my favorite album definitely :) Concert in Texas was something amazing, I would want it to happen again.... :)))) 

lion king games


its so hard to pick but i have to say Minutes to Midnight and LIVING THINGS both of those are my favorite LP Albums

hybrid theory,a thousand suns <3



They're all very just...well amazing. Haha I'm not BAISED or anything (HUGE fan of LP), but I think in general the SONGS alone it would either be Meteora or Minutes to Midnight, but definitely the best one in my opinion just because of how it "flows" would be A Thousand Suns mainly because the songs connect, which is definitely cool. :) But I love all of LP'S albums and that's all there is to it. :)

I was just gonna post this question, I dont think you need to describe why, but mine is Minutes to Midnight.

I like the song encore with Jay-Z, I think you need to listen to most albums many times before you know which is your favourite.

I think that Album was a good one, some of the songs were great like Burning in the skies, even if alot of people seemed to be dissapointed by that one, I honestly prefer it  to Living Things, that album felt rushed and like something they were forced to make so that the people that didnt like a thousand suns would have something to enjoy.

Alethea Tingus said:

A Thousand Suns!

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