What your fav album by Linkin Park?
A underground one?
Hibrid theroy?
Minutes To Midnight?
A thousand Suns?
Or one of there side projects? ( eg; fort minor or LP and Jay-Z )

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1) A Thousand Suns
2) Reanimation
3) Hybrid Theory
4) Meteora
5) Fort Minor - We Major
6) Living Things
7) For Minor - The Rising Tied
8)Collision Course
9) Minutes to Midnight
10) DBS - Out of Ashes
11) Recharged

A Thousand Suns

I think my favorit album is Meteora then thousand Suns then living things. Well, since i like all music Linkin Park. All of them than it is good. But these are my most favorite alboms

Hybrid Theory!

Meteora followed closely by Reanimation

Hybrid Theory

Living Things

Minutes to Midnight

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