What your fav album by Linkin Park?
A underground one?
Hibrid theroy?
Minutes To Midnight?
A thousand Suns?
Or one of there side projects? ( eg; fort minor or LP and Jay-Z )

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You know, you can't exactly pick a "Best Album" for this band.. Let's just talk about the ones that EVERYONE knows!! Hybrid Theory got them to the top. Meteora kept them there, Minutes to Midnight showed that they have creative genius, A Thousand Suns showed this new genius to the Max, and Living Things ties them together... you don't often see diverse music like this in one band, and it takes all of them to truly get the LP experience... I love to see how they grow with each album!! I remember when Hybrid Theory came out, and I blew through two CD's in one year because they are not just musical genius, they can be an addiction too... and you can't really pick a favorite part of your addiction can you?? XD

Hybrid Theory and Meteora!!
Side projects: Fort Minor and Dead by Sunrise

Living things awsome!!!!

Hybrid Theory hands down best, Meteora, Living Things, ATS, Minutes to Midnight and in the middle Reanimation Fort Minor and Jay Z collabos are in there between Meteora and Living things. I would have to take All the songs from HT and METEORA, then some songs off of the rest of the albums to make my favorite album, which is why I will always have HT and Meteora at the top because EVERY SINGLE SONG IS PLAYABLE A MILLION TIMES AND OFF THE CHARTS, where the other albums, there are some songs I skip.

sure it is hard to decide, in fact it is almost impossible, but most of my fav songs r in HT and meteora.... :)

All,cuz I have my reasons:
1:Hybrid Theory-With you
2:Meteora-Lying From You
3:Minutes to Midnight:Leave out all the rest
4:A thousand suns:Wretches And Kings
5:Underground 11:In The End Demo

Well ,really hard to decide.

Like I said, as good as Linkin Park is, I think you have to take songs off every album, a greatest hits album to make the best LP album.  I only vote HT and Meteora because I would take every song off those albums, and only some off the rest of the albums to make one great LP ALBUM LOL

1.-juntos theory
2.-I don't know if you say one song or one album from undergroud, my favorite songs from underground are bubbles, dedicated and reading my eyes and underground v.2 album
3.-hybrid theory - pushing me away (I love it)
4.- meteora- It's hard, but I think that somewhere I belong
5.-minutes to midnight- Valentine's day
6.- a thousand suns- the messenger
7.-Living things- in my remains
8.-dead by sunrise- out of ashes- let down
9.-front minor- believe me
10.- busta rhymes ft. Linkin park- We made it
11.- L inkin park and jay-z- collision course- in the end/izzo
12.- zero demo- fuse
13. road to revolution- hands held high
14.-music for relief- not alone
15.-EP's and demos- it's going down
16.- hybrid theory demo- high voltage
17.-transformers II- new divide
I think guys all but from all, my favorite song It's pushing me away
I like all off album

Can't choose, because every album represents a part of my life, and just like the band it continued growing.
Although I have to say that "1000 Suns" was a musical revelation; loved the creativity in both music and art

I forgot...... Hunger strike - Linkin park ft. Chris Cornell

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