What your fav album by Linkin Park?
A underground one?
Hibrid theroy?
Minutes To Midnight?
A thousand Suns?
Or one of there side projects? ( eg; fort minor or LP and Jay-Z )

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I've listened to All the albums many many times through. I like a lot of them for the different vibes they give off. There is no favorite, just the one to suit my mood. Hybrid Theory to me is when I feel angry in regard to what the world hands me when I have no control over my outcome and I have to go along for the ride. I love Meteora for taking that a step further and making feel triumphant as I come out the other side. Minutes to midnight, is filled with angst, solid guitars and hand clapping. It gives me the feeling that someone just insulted me but whatever they don't know me and I'm having a good time here. Then we move to A Thousand Suns and it really does sound like musical artwork. Admittedly I wasn't a fan ATS when it first came out, I was like, where is Phoenix, did they fire him. But the album I believe was a concept album and it grew on me. Now I love listening to it when I'm deep in thought or playing video games. Living Things is definitely near the top of my list. It feels like the spiritual successor to the vibe LP was building with New Divide. Lost in The Echo is probably my favorite track.

Top Albums are.

Hybrid Theory
Living Things
A Thousand Suns
Minutes To Midnight.

Favorite tracks are

New Divide, In The End, Lost In The Echo, The Messenger, No Roads Left but One, Pushing Me Away (Live in Texas Version) Faint, Hit The Floor, In The End, Pts.of.Athrty, Blackout, My December.

Hope the new album is as memorable as the other ones you have made.

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