i dont know why everyone is freaking out over linkin parks new album!

ive been a fan ever since metorea (im only 16 so that was the first album of rap rock i could listen to when i was younger so i wouldve been 9). everyone thinks that they changed their music darasticaly. they have hardly changed their music and you can even see the change in hybrid theory (pushing me away) that carries to metorea (breaking the habit, numb) the minutes to midnight (leave out all the rest, what ive done, valentines day, in pieces) that directs to new divide then a thousand suns. all those songs i just listed are similar to each other and are on all the albums. if no one can notice that the songs are practically the same, well then you arnt much of a linkin park fan. a thousand suns is basically all the albums put together but with their own sound and the songs are different(of course). a thousand suns is a masterpiece album that didnt get awarded for what it deserved and honestly is like hybrid theory. so to all the haters out there, if you think you can do better than linkin park on an album i would like to see that since its impossible and one question, if your not a fan of linkin park then why do you have an account on here?

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