Linkin Park's new album soon?Probably in 2011? What do you think!?

Chester Bennington revealed a couple of things about the new album to magazine Kerrang! Let's have a look at the article!

In June 2011, Bennington revealed to Kerrang! that Linkin Park has begun working on new material for their next album. He explained, "We've been working on a new record for the past two months. The music is great and we're well ahead of where we're expecting to be. There aren't a whole lot of noises going on, but there are a lot of good songs. It will probably get a very polarized reaction. Which pleases me. As an artist, I want a reaction." The singer added that the band would be looking to tackle controversial topics on their new album, rather than the more personal subjects of their older material. "We've learned how to write serious songs and serious lyrics. We've learned how to deal with politics, faith and other things. Those are things that can get preachy really quickly, which we don't want to do. So you need to learn to talk to people and not at people", he said.[82]

Rick Rubin will be producer of the new album. "Typically we'll have a once-a-week meeting to go listen to the songs that they're coming up with and talk about them. For so early in the project, they are much further along than they have been on the last two albums we did. On A Thousand Suns there were still a lot of irons in the fire. We knew, 'OK, we can't do this forever. Let's leave this batch and we'll come back and address it when we start up again.'", Rubin said.[83]


From wikipedia!

What do you think, what Chester meant when he said ,,there aren't a whole lot of noises going on,,?How will album sound...and other!!!  


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I think that will be something betwen MTM and ATS... :)
When Chester was talking about the ,,noises,, i think he thought there won't be much screaming in the album :)
As much as I would love a new album already, releasing one only a year after the previous one will not turn out with good results. It would be a rushed mess.

I don't really think that the new album will come out this or next year. I would actually say 2013, because they are on tour again in september and an album takes long. We'll see, but I don't really want to agree with the "rushed mess".


I don't know, but i hope for the album in this year!! :)

I can't wait for a new album, linkin park are epic and I look forward to seeing what they come up with.  I don't expect the new album until 2012 unfortunately but that does mean that it won't be rushed, which no-one wants because everyone wants linkin park producing music like they have done over the last few years. That is, refined, flawless and awesome.I have been eagerly awaiting this annoucement !


I'd love to hear what the new album sounds like! :) I wonder what they're going to do with it, how it will sound... can't wait to hear it!
I would love an new album! Hope they realese it soon :) and i hope they keep tryin to do new stuff and keep changing their music as they want to and leave the haters behind them!
Not haters, some people, like me, just prefer some old things to new, but we still like the new stuff... ;) Never classify people like that :D
Weeell some ppl i talked to rly hate the new album so it's more towards them. Not to the ppls that still like'd the new album ;)
I agree with Stefan that there are people like him who simply "prefer some old things to new", but you should be aware of the fact that there are ATS haters pages xD maybe that's what Samuel means ;)
;) :D Maybe...

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