I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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Okay so Brightness Falls or Light Falls or If Brightness or If Light

great love how words can mean different things.
yours is so much better than mine! :D maybe all this phrase is related to the picture posted days ago!

Swards31 said:
Nice one mike, get a sentence, translate each word to a different languages and then turn it into binary. If only the message made sence.
After binary decode:
Falls la luminosité de var to ontplof edastada sekaligus airean, that sería kuin de pracht come yang kuat. Lo sono mäktig, terra-zerstören tyd.

After various translations:

If (German) brightness (french) they were to (norwegian) explode (afrikkans) forward (estonian) at once (indonesian) air (Basque), that would (portugese) as (finish) the beauty (dutch) come strong (malay). Are (italian) powerful (swedish) land-destory (portugese-german) time (afrikkans)

Source: LpLive.net
Falls la luminosité = Brightness falls (french)
de var to = they were two (Norwegian)
ontplof = explode (afrikaans)
edastada = forward (estonian)
sekaligus = at once (indonesian)
airean = air (Basque)
that (english)
sería = would be (spanish)
kuin = as (finland)
de pracht come = the beauty come (Hollandic)
yang kuat = strong (malay)
la sono = are the (italian)
mäktig = powerful (Swedish)
terra = land (Portuguese)
zerstören = destroy (dutch)
tyd = time (afrikaans)
okay... let's connect this message with the "static" message. does any of this make sense?!

“Falls brightness was to explode forward at once
air that would like the splendor as [yang] strong
It are [mä5´ig] land destroy time”

i'm going to sleep. lemme know what you guys come up with :]
I think this is the lyric of the 1st single XD

Many languages from different countries, the word seem point to war or destructive things......
May be the first single is political.
That 'brightness falls' sentence seems to make sense, since the first hint was a picture of light falling down from the sky *ponders*
so far, when i messed with the translations that everyone got, i came up with this. the words in parenthesis are words i’m not sure about but they kinda make sense.

“Falls la luminosité de var to ontplof edastada sekaligus airean, that sería kuin de pracht come yang kuat. Lo sono mä5´ig, terra-zerstören tyd”

"if the brightness of (air) (was) to explode forward at once, that would, like the splendor, (come) strong. we are (idk wtf) ground-breaking time"
hey those who have tried converting can u post these numbers as text so we dont have to read the picture and just get the numbers…..
The binary code:

With a translator i kinda figured the message you left, it doesnt make much sense but at least, it could give you an idea:

Brightness Falls they were two explode forward at once air That would as the beauty come Strong Are powerful land-destroy time
The translator couldn't translate all the sentence at once, because it had 6 lenguages on it: Finnish, afrikaan, filipino, french, german, spanish and one word in portuguese. So i had to translate it wor by word, and maybe that's why some words doesnt seem to fit

KATHYxx said:
Putting it in an ASCII translator, i got this sentence back, but it may be innaccurate because its hard to transcribe binary:

"Falls la luminosité de var to ontplof edastada sekaligus airean, that sería kuin de pracht come yang kuat. Lo sono mä5´ig, terra-zerstören tyd."
Google Translate each word....

Falls = Falls, If, or In Case
la = The, Her, A, or It
luminosité = Brightness, Luminosity, Radiance, Lucidity, or Radiancy
de = The or Ye
var = Was
to = To
ontplof = Explode
edastada = Forward
sekaligus = At once, All at once, At a time, At one blow, Outright, holus-bolus, En bloc
airean, = Air
that = That
sería = Would
kuin = As, Like, Than, or But
de = The or Ye
pracht = Splendor, Magnificence, Grandeur, Pomp, Brilliance, Wealth, Sheen, Brilliancy, or Eclat
Come = Come, As, Like, Such as, How, As well as, Whereby, What...Like, For, Both...and, Such, What, or Sorry
Yang = Yang
kuat. = Strong
Lo = It, Him, The or To it
sono = Sono
mä5´ig, = ???
terra-zerstören = Terra-Destroy
tyd. = Time

See if you can make a sense out of that...
The guys at www.lpassociation.com got a better translation of this message:

"Brightness falls, the two explode forwards at once in the air, and the beauty would be strong and powerful, destroying land and time"

So this seems to be the meaning of mike left for us.

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