I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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Yeah it could be an 8-bit sounding album....or maybe they'll go for 16 bit sound :-)

andrea pepper said:
Yeah we haven't really thought much about the computer/digital aspect this theme is def taking and how that will relate to the album

Wojo said:
its binary.

binary written like that references computer code.

computer code in relation to music implies electronica.

I think we can expect a new CFTI/Session track.
I Think it's downgrade - firts it was 8-bit, now it's binary... what's next?
ok i did it, but i don't know what it means. i think it's diferrent languages...
"Falls la luminosité de var to ontplof edastada sekaligus airean, that sería kuin de pracht come yang kuat. Lo sono mäktig, èÊääÂZôerstören èòÈ." this is what's in the code
if you look at this image
http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/6310/lpmessage.jpg photoshopped version

and then have alook at the previous clue
they both look kinda similar, as in they are much lighter on the left then fade as yougo further to the right
dunno if that helps at all :|
The binary code that has to do? Interesting. Can't wait to solve the puzzle.
luminosité = light zerstören = destroy :O xD i think its anything with the end of world...hm is that the theme of the new album??? Omg xD i tried to translate the message....if the light of existence explode forwards at once, the air that would become as the beauty come so strong as the planet destroys ehm.....? lp for ever xD
KATHYxx said:
KATHYxx said:
Putting it in an ASCII translator, i got this sentence back, but it may be innaccurate because its hard to transcribe binary:

"Falls la luminosité de var to ontplof edastada sekaligus airean, that sería kuin de pracht come yang kuat. Lo sono mä5´ig, terra-zerstören tyd."

It seems to be words patched toghether from many languages. does anyone recognize any of the non-english words?
is it when the new album comes out? 10/01/10?

Shinoda Twin™ said:
The Answer to the Riddle:
That's when the album comes out.
uhhhhh....mike, chu trying to make me shtoopid or somefink?
At the end of summer, they will explode forward once again, with a release that will be magnificent and strong. The sound is their most powerful and ground-breaking yet.
find it's meaning on http://www.lpassociation.com
Has anyone thought that the code could be lyrics for one of the song or they can be song names??

KATHYxx said:
Yo Astat the LPU is almost done with it

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