I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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people, the puzzle has already been solved.. check out Mike's blog for his reply: http://mikeshinoda.com/2010/06/28/linkin-park-puzzle-2/
the letters missing from puzzle 2 spell out
"THE CATALYST". Thats all i have right now.
The Catalyst

Thatz the answer.
Its already been solved. Mike confirmed it. The Catalyst is the answer.

Benjamin Lucas Hay said:
The Catalyst
Missing words spell out: THE CATALYST
Lyrics to the new Single called "FIRIN MAH LAZORZ!"
I got the latest message: "THE CATALYST"
I think its the name of the new single :)

Waiting 4 new messages!
the Catalyst.. the puzzle is the missing word in the lyrics.. i am so late to find out.. haha...
If I have good skill in enlish language I think answer it immediately.

What's it real puzzle?
Yeah, I do! I speak Italian and German and there´s both in it:
"terra-zerstören" means "earth-destroying" or "destroy earth"!
I´m trying Google Translator now - we´ll see what I can get outta it =)

KATHYxx said:
KATHYxx said:
Putting it in an ASCII translator, i got this sentence back, but it may be innaccurate because its hard to transcribe binary:

"Falls la luminosité de var to ontplof edastada sekaligus airean, that sería kuin de pracht come yang kuat. Lo sono mä5´ig, terra-zerstören tyd."

It seems to be words patched toghether from many languages. does anyone recognize any of the non-english words?

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