I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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simply just connect the missing letters in the text and you will get: The Catalyst
New Message: Could it be that some letters are missing in a few words? the result in something like: T h e C a t a l y s t ...
The Catalyst is also a Night Club in Santa Cruz California. Maybe a hint to a secret show?

Abdul Hakim Mohamad said:
the catalyst was in heroes tv shows. :D
The Blank Theory's 2000 album's name is "Catalyst" they're listed as medium similar with Chaz.
knew it could not be that easy lol, i'm about to go to bed and my head is buzzing lol, i will be dreaming of catalysts lol. thanks Mike HaHa
The lyrics of a new song? Luv ya
please help my pulsing head,it must be the song title ?
"The Catalyst" is the solution.

They are lettters missing and together it's "The Catalyst".
It's about the end of the world .................
Uhm, okay, simple to find out there are letters missing. thecat in the first part and alyst in the second. just forget the first t for a while
something like "cheat" or "teach" in the first part may be okay, but... you cannot form somethin' with TALYST in the second part.

so... just as you read? "The Catalyst?"
Dunno... I'm looking at the "ND" at the beginning of the second part... it just seems strange.
when you add the first letters of the first part and add it to the ND of the second part you get "chanted" after a while.
chanted when i close my eyes tonight
to symphonies of blinding light.
fits... sounds good...

Uhm... but then... what about the other letters? lyst? *headbreak* look at the "loaded gun" at the second part. there's less space inbetween... why? just an accident?

I really think "The catalyst" is just TOO EASY, dude...
But if it's that... shame on U you, mike ;P where you sleeping by building this puzzle?

(ah, and... sorry for my bad, bad english ^^°)
is this a new lyrics?
im stumped haha i REALLY hope Chaz can help us ou.

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