I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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LOL .. What I can observe is that there are many misspelled words, but it is showing me the idea of an artist. a new song I do not know ... may be ... then will put them in order .. # Mad
the asnwer is "the catalyst"
Seems like it's the lyrics of a new song in album..
the missing letters in some words end up saying "eialys"
don't know what that means though
If it is a name of a song or the album,I think that is too simple. I guess there's some deep meaning in it.
Let's wait for the official answer from LP..
so for the newest one i noticed that some letters were missing in the text:

line 3: H
line 4: E
5: I, A
and in the second paragraph:

line 1: A, L
2: Y (and possibly S)
3: S
last line: T

so the letters are:

H, E, I, A, T, A, L, Y, (S,) S, T...

any guesses?xP
We all know it says "Catalyst" which has something to do with alchemy, and if im not wrong, one of Chesters nicknames is "The Chemist"... also mike want us to ask Chester,maybe there is a connection?
the missing letters = The Catalyst... I dunno.. Maybe its a title to a single..? Nd A thousand suns is possibly the album name? I dunno..?
haha! I thought it was a the last puzzle but its not, its a new one! I am curious of why you began posting a puzzle? It can kill all my brain cells! haha… But I think its a “Broken Poem”.

Its a:
“Broken Poem”
“A Simple Note”
“A Lyrics”
“It’s For Fun”
“It has a misspelled WORDS”.

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