I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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Mike said do not think is the album or the single is something else
Tried to do some things about it but apparently it looks like a blur nothing more

Christopher said:
Did you see that little line in the foldet edge upper right? Looks like there is at least one line on the backside of this note. Perhaps one of our grafic freaks can find something.
honestly, you guys are thinking way too into this. Sometimes it's better to think in more of the simpler terms and not over think things.
well, i guess that he just wants to tell us that the new album is done and that more concerts will be announced
And why didn't he write his "solved"-text? I mean there is a new post since the hole August 2nd thing. If that is the answer he already got the possibility to release our brains from this message ;)
hiii its me najwa in indonesia love you
chester7890 said:

Im just spit-ballin here but if you look at what Mike wrote just above "The Catalyst" is "Our new album is..." And "The Catalyst" covers the rest of the text. So could this be indicating that the name of the new album is The Catalyst?

joker said:
Alex said:
Something weird happens if I boost up the saturation

It's a red text saying: The Catalyst /// August 2

yup.. we figured that one out a few pages back :P
holy crap. it says "our new album is 'the catalyst' out august 2" :O thats it! no more assuming! that or "starting up live august 2"
YES that's obvious! well seen!
holy crap i tried that saturation thing on photoshop and i shat brix! but what does that III mean?
Maybe it should tell us:

"We speed up our work so that our new album on 2 August may seem, before starting the live concerts."

Reply by Genesis Moreno 12 minutes ago
holy crap i tried that saturation thing on photoshop and i shat brix! but what does that III mean?

There are only slashes to separate the lines, Mike has already written this, they mean nothing.

Sorry, my english is not so good, I've used a translator.

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