I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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yeeaa yeaa is the linkin park logo on differents parts divived into different parts, the LP's logo yeaa yeaaa
ive got this so far

i know its not great but im working with paint here lol
you get the idea
Lets see what mike says...:):)

SAB • » ╬ђƹ г๏ςкƹг DЦDΣ இ « • said:
I really cant wait for the solution of this puzzle...!!

SAB • » ╬ђƹ г๏ςкƹг DЦDΣ இ « • said:
But i think that the album's names are only our assumptions.... well only LP and GOD knows the truth

Well i m waitin 4 the new album...i m CURIOUS...

This thing is related with so many things...coz most of the events on "August 2" were related 2 war..so it also relates with LP Soldiers.... so if all of the acts are combined together... we get more nd more clear... but the thing is... only GOD nd LP Team knows the solution... And this is my 2nd time of guessing or revealing the challenges... HOPE that this will be the solution. earlier i decoded the Binary text into ASCII-8 manually from my I.T book ...but the thing was solved b4 mine was... At last.. Just a hope nd pray 2 GOD that my Guessing nd Revealing nd Relating is right.... Fingers crossed..:):)

SAB • » ╬ђƹ г๏ςкƹг DЦDΣ இ « • said:
Message from Mike Getting Revealed By SAB aka Saurabh

Now the thing is August 2. there are certain things which relates to the August 2..

1.- (The Most Related According to me)>>Albert Einstein and Leó Szilárd wrote a letter to President Roosevelt urging the President to investigate the importance of the recently discovered process of uranium fission. They recognized the process could generate a lot of energy leading to power and possibly weapons. There was also concern the Nazi government of Germany was already searching for an atomic weapon. This letter would accomplish little more than the creation of a "Uranium Committee" with a budget of $6,000 to buy uranium and graphite for experiments.

2.- Chester was also Known by The CATALYST before.

(its much more closer cause 1000 suns,>>sun>>the energy source is same "the nuclear fission", all r on the same reaction>the nuclear fission... nd the catalyst is required 4 the reactions 4 making it faster or slower.)

(Also, Chester was also known by the CATALYST)

Albert Einstien discovered the Big Bang theory whch is all based on Energy>> with his famous Eqn. E=MC² Which states that Energy(E) can b converted into mass(m) and Mass(m) can b converted into energy(E) Where c= velocity of a moving electron...... So this might b also the new album's name...like Hybrid theory

Albert Einstein was able to see where an understanding of this formula would lead. Although peaceful by nature and politics, he helped write a letter to the President of the United States, urging him to fund research into the development of an atomic bomb ... before the Nazis or Japan developed their own first. The result was the Manhatten Project, which did in fact produce the first tangible evidence of ...

So there might b the BLASTING and Full ENERGIC event. Or the Surprise which Will b revealed on August 2

LP = LAZARS PEEOOOOOO (lasar sound effect in case nobody got that!) HA!

Re-arranged the pieces with white lines in ms paint, got this.

It's not a full logo
LP LOGO (",)
i got the same .. but why give us only half?

James Woods said:
ive got this so far

i know its not great but im working with paint here lol
you get the idea
I stand corrected and ashamed!
As punishment I shall not listen to an LP song for at least one hour! :o(
yeea ye linkin parklogo... my email to the LP's fans counter_jordy@***********
not an a half 3/4 is better

Karishma :) said:
i got the same .. but why give us only half?

James Woods said:
ive got this so far

i know its not great but im working with paint here lol
you get the idea
maybe there will be more to come ... like a date or name or something
IT'S A PUZZLE! simple, just re-arrange the things in the picture to make the linkin park logo!

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