I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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i mean love!!!!you guys!!!!jejee
yippieeeeee!!!!! thnx mike for breaking the suspence.......i cant wait now ........... i want some substitutes for crawling, numb and stuff......
Man, I can't wait for the contest. :D
No I havent x( They had a gig in my country few years ago, but I havent been a fan yet so bad! Arghh! I always regret that xD And You?

Vanessa Sofia Pereira Costa said:
Oh that´s the best!! No doubt!
Everything about them is special! XD

Have you ever been to a gig?
Yes, now it's official. The two dates I need to paint quite thick in the calendar!

You guys are just WOW, I'm looking forward so much to the concert in Frankfurt!
o__________o I hope it's not theirs because... Gosh, I don't like it. Absolutely not!!!

Chr!zzz said:
It sounds like them though.
jej cuando lo cambiaron?? ayer estaba con el anterior

Jack Logan IV said:
Nueva página de inicio???
Linkin Park logo :) and says A Thousand Suns, September ^.^ can't waitttttttt!
This looks like jigsaw puzzle of Linkin Park`s logo.

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