I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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If you followed them, you may have noticed, that they said it will be out on septemper 14th...

Liиkiи Theory said:
OMG Mike another puzzle. We didn't knew what it is but, can you explain the messages later. And iHope the new album is gonna be on Nov hopefully !
I think it's lyrics for one of the songs in "A Thousand Suns". Maybe "Waiting For The End".
1. The Requem

2. The Radiance

3. Burning In The Skies

4. Empty Spaces

5. When They Come For Me

6. Robot Boy

7. Jornada del Muerto

8. Waiting For The End

9. Blackout

10. Wretches and Kings

11. Wisdom, Justice, and Love

12. Iridescent

13. Fallout

14. The Catalyst

15. The Messenger

16. (BONUS TRACK) Blackbirds (From The 8-Bit Rebellion)

And that's all. :)

stefan voney said:
a question
what for songs are on the new album
i hope the new album is greater then the last
LP is the greatest rockband of the world
Hey guys!What can i do or say to make you travel to Romania? Please come :( :*...
too bad u didn't get a chance at listening to this version of "The Catalyst"
if interested, sample it here... http://www.myspace.com/thefineartofnoise

Mike shinoda, if your reading this tell me bro, whats going on with linkin park, i was dedicated to your first three albums, hybrid theory, meteora and reamination, they were mental, and some of the best music i ever heard, the guitars were amplified of the roof, the drums were heavy, your rapping was dangerous, chester was unique, an turn tables were impressive, as well as bass, that was so unique and that was different, im not being rude but why didnt you add that sort of style, not necesarily the same, but similar, to me it seems you guys forgot who you are, so many fans were counting on a heavy album, dangerous album, but ive heard two songs now blackbirds and catalyst, and both are mediocra, good, but fairly radio freindly, and just dont want you to forget who u were, ive no changed mentally, but their must still be a bit of that old school mike in you, you dissapointed me with this catylst, im sorry, but i was expecting something BIG!
make some song very Hard like One step closer
i'm just fine with the way the band is going. i loved them from the start. if u really like the band give this album a chance. besides u guys have ONLY HEARD ONE SONG OUT OF 15!!!
oh and they'll still play songs from hybrid, reanimation, and meteora at there shows
Linkin Park is awesome!
hey mike make more rap songs... your the best bro
oh on the ustream chat, he said that he does rap on the new album and chester has more insane screams c:

Charles evangelista said:
hey mike make more rap songs... your the best bro
someone figure it out yet?
I think since its a puzzle it is scrambled some too.. probably wrong.

brightness falls
at once
would be
the glorious come (Glory is another definition of Pracht I found.)
they were two
are the
at once

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