I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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maybe a new logo.
the sooner the album is out, the better it is!!
Maybe it means that there will be a lots of concerts :) And i really hope that it would be possible for LP to concert in Lithuania, like you did in 2008summer. This was the best experience our country had... And we are still talking about it like it was yesterday. So the fan pages are already discussing if you are coming to Lithuania. It would be great news, because the first time you came, the tickets where sold out in hours, so i think financially it would be good for you to. So if you need a petition or something like that, that is not a problem for a little county like us. Hope to see you here on this tour :) Best regards -hYbrid
Has anybody noticed how in the last Message there were \\\ and now there is only \\ O.o Maybe they are like countdowns, the next message will just have \ and then the album will be released?? :)
That is a logo of Linkin Park right? I've arranged it...& pretty confident that it's the logo. =)
Immediately clear - Linkin Park, all the associations at once, when you look at this picture - this is YOUR brand !!!!!!!
Fans in Singapore are missing LINKIN PARK !!!!
I think it's the new logo linkin park
Mike! That was a good idea, but...

AAARGH! Hell!!! IMMA FIRIN MA LAZOR!!!!! Sorry for quotation)))))

Please, don't make any puzzles anymore! They damage brain)))))))
Антон, признайся, ты пошутил))))))). Это же так интересно, что то вроде общения. Думаю точно, что Майк сюда "заглядывает". И придумывает все новое и новое, а фантазии у него хватает!!!!!!!
Well im just taking a big chance and saying that this is a puzzle, if you move each piece around u get a picture, i thought it looked like The Linkin park logo, but thats just me.
guys your completely missing something. Change the contrast and the saturation just like in the last puzzle. There is a hidden message. You complete the puzzle by forming the LP logo, then you change the saturation to see what the message is. The trick is knowing where to cut out each shape. It is 2 puzzles together.
The message is the new symbol of the new album cover?

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