I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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Wait, see I got it! Two mega warriors are going to fight when it is dusk (brightness falls). They leap at each other, showing immense grace and power ( the two explode forwards at once in the air, and the beauty would be strong and powerful) and the shock of those two colliding will be so earth shaking that the world will end (destroying land and time).
Or maybe I just have an over active imagination. lol ;)
i have a feeling that we're overanalyzing it.
Sounds cool. But still: did anyone got something from the static?

Perhaps that one was just a teaser saying: "Get ready, a mysterious message will come soon!" But I hope not.

Deanlp said:
Brightness falls
the two explode
at once
in the air
and the beauty
would be
strong and powerful
land at time

Think we have some new song titles!
If the brightness was to explode forward at once, that would, as the beautiful Yang comes strong, it will powerfully be Earth destroying time.

Yang is associated with brightness and light. Yin is associated to be like a 'shady place'.

So like the Earth (us) being Yang and Life and Time being Yin, we would be destroying our life, therefore, destroying our time.
That makes SOOO much sense!!!! LOL :)

Slash Stradlin said:
The Actual Meaning of this message from Mike is "Im Just fooling u people and making you think what it is, This actually means nothing, All this time u ate my brain by asking me "When are you coming to my Country (especially South Americans) and "When are you going To Release the Album" So Now its my chance to eat ur brain up"

Well looks like the first was really a teaser for THIS message. I hope we will have more soon
I am sooo lost!!! =(
Mike Shinoda's twitter: "We've seen your attempts. You're not there yet. Keep going"

*shakes fist at mike*

so nobody is done.

I havent been paying attention to this thread as much as the threads on other sites. but as a correction to my first post, mä5'g was supposed to say Mäktig, which means powerful.
The problem is that it's hard to translate it into something that isn't word salad.
according to lpassociation.com & lpamerican.com:
"At the end of summer, they will explode forward at once with a release that will be as magnificent and light strong. The sound is powerful and ground-breaking.

It’s amazing the work made by lpassociation.com in so little time. The site understood the new message left by Linkin Park through translation of binary codes. After this they found a phrase made with words in a lot of different languages. Translating this had all structures out of order. Editing and put the words in the right place they arrived in the message bellow."

i think the message has nothing to do with the numbers.
theres also something behind the numbers on the left.
It look like a figure.. mmm.. but still don't know what it is.
I think there is a picture behid that 1 and 0 :)

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