I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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I got "The Catalyst" by getting all the missing letters like Sebastian Lippelt
Brand new single?

Smells like some rap in it :P
If it's the missing letters, than it's toooo easy, but the last puzzles were not easy....
It's solved:


Scroll down, there's a comment from Mike
But what does "The Catalyst" mean????
The Catalyst...???
Maybe this is Linkin Park's new single...
I completly understand it....It talks about all of our world problems in are every day lives....Its all going to hell in a hand basket...if we dont make a stand soon and fight for what we believe is right for this world...wake the fuck up people and smell the dead bodies....
The Catalyst
What's Up Mike, Is Part Of The Letter From The First Single From New Album??
Maybe hints for supporting acts for the upcoming tour?
"A thousand suns" is a Song from Abigail Williams:


But this puzzle? All i've found was an old "Interview" (2007 - LP/ Chris Cornell)


Cornell's world is vastly different now. He doesn't drink or smoke any more, and at 43, family priorities have transformed his life. His second marriage a few years ago was the catalyst.

I don't know... just google-ing around ^^

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