I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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The missing letters make "The Catalyst" togheter
Tried to encode it back in binary and base64 but I didn't got anything.
It HAS to be more than that, the first one was harder.
I even tried to search the word and all I found was a band and some other clubs...
Keeps searching.

Edit: Nevermind... It's solved... Wow I can't even believe it was so simple.
Yeah pretty easy: THE CATALYST (all the missing letters from the text)

hmmmm "a 1,000 exploding suns" and "the catalyst" -> probably song titles?
I don't know if this is the right place to reply to the puzzle but i think these are the lyrics of LP's new song.
THE CATALYST......It ws so easy....
The catalyst.. a catalyst is a chemical that may speed up or slow down a reaction by taking part in it but being pysically unchanged at the end of the reaction... but in this case its the hardcore band:)
old puzzle

Hrvoje Gjurkinjak said:
i get the message.. i bet this is a song and if so it's gonna be awesome. can't wait to go to the concert in berlin on 20th october *_____*
I think that "A thousand suns" may could be the album's name and "The Catalyst" is a song. Well I'm not sure. But since they gave is lyrics this time (most of the people here probably think it's a song) with a not that hard riddle. but the one before was very hard, huh? so i guess that one's the album title... maybe i'm wrong but that's what i think xDD
wrong spelled lyrics?
a new song from the new album :P or another old song wich mike like it
i really didnt get it:S
and the previous one neither...


see ya!
missing letters unscrambled makes The Catalyst, still working on it to see what else there may be
I KNOW I KNOW!!!!!!!!!! -------> the catalyst <-------

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