I didn't see a thread about the http://linkinpark.com/message page, so here ya go. This is the place to discuss all new messages and puzzles on that page. Enjoy.

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Why somepeople in here are so lazy?? haha
Go look the others answears ... If you look they alredy revealed the "secret". But anyway.. I'll put it AGAIN haha

And there is NO septWENTY it's SEPTEMBER .
jajajaj este Mike parece q no tiene mejor cosa q hacer q volvernos locos jajajajaj
yeap :) here's the hidden message you're talking about

Dan Artz said:
guys your completely missing something. Change the contrast and the saturation just like in the last puzzle. There is a hidden message. You complete the puzzle by forming the LP logo, then you change the saturation to see what the message is. The trick is knowing where to cut out each shape. It is 2 puzzles together.
a thousand suns in september!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ya.........tht was a GR8! Puzzll ...........

So........I saw a Text (in grennish grass like colour) in The Image "A THOUSAND SUN" & at bottom it was written "SEPTEMBER" & there was LP logo over the text.........

IT was really DIFFICULT to identify the TEXT!!
I don't see a new logo, i see the good old logo of minutes to midnight.(And the secret message of course)
I put the puzzle together; but didn't know how 2 read the faint green part :(
Anyway, 'A THOUSAND SUNS IN SEPTEMBER' cool! :) That also means the rumour about LP releasing stuff on 24th September may be true! :)
Can't w8 4 more messages!
September definitely makes sense because their tour starts in October so they'll release it and then promote it through the whole tour
Sorry...........But the puzzle was already solved before Me.......!

That is great!
a thousand suns in september!!
Oh i think i know what i want for my birthday gift!! XD
LOL, I heard that it's coming on september 14th. If so, that would great 'cause my birthday is on september the 15th xD

Vanessa Sofia Pereira Costa said:
That is great!
a thousand suns in september!!
Oh i think i know what i want for my birthday gift!! XD

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